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  1. 2 dope, your site\forum is far from that. Eat a dick.
  2. Barry


    Fuck Abracadabra. Come back to Melbourne. We'll hang out.
  3. Barry


    Fuckin' Melbourne lad.
  4. Getting the name out there.
  5. Ok. Great, an Australian thread. All for it. Now leave it open you fucking gronk cunt abracadabra. Melbourne thread is needed and well worth it, top 5 graffiti city's in the world speaks for itself. You are contsantly whinging abracadabra and personally, ive had it with you. A+ gronk in my book. (And also the majority of melb graff heads')
  6. Funboy metrosexual fagit.
  7. Bump, this guy must of had his favoured hand chopped off to be doing what hes doing now. Maybe you can put your ego back up your arse abracadabra and let Melbourner's handle how its going to be done here. If Melbourne is full of toys and biters, come back and show us how it is done.
  8. Pwoah pooooo. Smell the stink everybody. Your graffiti sucks.
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