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  1. Amsterdam Zuid is good for spotting cos there's two metro lines and a banana line thru it. There seem to be lots of panels running on bananas at the moment, not many on the subs but the insides are still rinsed! Actually it might be the next one up the line from there, can't remember. Loco, i think you're thinking of Van Den Madeveg, if that's how it's spelt.
  2. (yeah i know. You wouldn't see that many panels now.)
  3. Well you wouldn't see that many panels on the subway now! Bits n pieces still around tho.
  4. oh... nice one that's... good.
  5. beefedout

    uk wall flixs

    that character is by ROME, one of the best writers from brum goin on what i saw last time i was there (ages ago). think he's moved to ipswich or somewhere like that now??
  6. there's fliks of that production on http://www.sauf-tingz.tk ... which is also probably the worst name for a website i've ever heard... that piece might be on there.
  7. that's probably the best photo i've ever seen in my life ;)
  8. hahaha never been on this therad b4, just seen the fresh frank sketches on p19, fresh is the word!!!!
  9. beefedout

    uk wall flixs

    Busted! just goes to show that just cos someone talks like a king on here is necessarily even good! i mean that stuff wouldn't get gunned down that much if mr beckham wasn't tryin to act bigtime. :clown2:
  10. fuck buyin the nt book, get hip hop files instead
  11. hahaha too right, there's only one mace whose fliks i wanna see!
  12. yeah thats not enuff to prove anything on its own but if they have any other evidence they might be able to use the fact that you have paint against you.
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