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  1. her sn is deprivedgirl45 anyways, shes some girl with big boobies, and she keeps flashing the camera for no reason. its pretty awesome she is now talking about , having tons of random sex with complete strangers she meets off the internet. :eek: :confused: :lol:
  2. Im chatting with a random person on aim, NightPanther 007 and then she goes on about how good looking she is and how alot of guys beg to cyber her. she goes off and says she is a babe and too good for me and whatever then i goto her link and find her pic. :dazed: http://profiles.yahoo.com/nightpanther_007
  3. hey whats up ? anyways a freind linked me to this forum and it seems like a pretty cool place anyways. hi. oh does anyone here have AIM? can u reply with ur sn? im dukeabercrombie - add me :D ok thnx bye
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