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  1. Some Nazis believe that Hitler is really God and is going to come back. Retards believe that if they keep knocking their own teeth out, the Tooth Fairy will keep coming back. i had this one retard back in hi skool that knocked out all his teelth but the 2 front one's. so kids would make fun of him and shit untill this one day he spazed and held down and bit this girls whole bottom lip off..Fuking blood everywhere..the retard was kickout of schoo.l
  2. any one see that home porn movie of dmx bangin the shit out of rosie o'donnell?...sick shit but it gave me a hard on.
  3. yea never a fan of his music, but just from sum of that spoken word, poety, talking ta god type a shit he does always made me belive he was a down ta earth kat... what bar in westchester u see him at?
  4. have u ever seen a black like "gangsta'' i listen ta only 50 cent type a kat at like a atmosphere, atoms family, el-p, scribble jam type of show or battle where the crowd is pretty much all white and the emcee's are white.. there's always this look of konfusion on there grills like..when did white boys start flowin, and what the fuk are they talkin bout.just a thought.
  5. ^^homeboys mos def rockin a mullet
  6. rob land like the white man..we would of just took irak but its all sand..
  7. SwiKoNeS


    mad silly use r
  8. SwiKoNeS

    Graff Girls

    connecticut gots a major shortage of graff girls.....i think there's like ZERO...there was one girl spaz but i think she only stays in ct in the summer or sum shit..
  9. caught a ikue freight down here in da 203....new haven, ct
  10. did u take a moment 2 reflect when all ''the black guys'' where cheering u on?
  11. SwiKoNeS

    chihuli =)

    sum r kool most of it jus looks like fag art.
  12. I remember when i was in 1st grade ma duke's tellin me that i would look mad dumb wit a ''Tail" and said not to do it, but i went and grew one out anyway....ya know what? ur motha's alway's right..
  13. yea im mos deffintly a two bit theif, takin his whip is kinda hardcore. maybe jus rip his cd player out while ur boy in the party make's sure he dont go outside.
  14. werd i have alot of flik's. most from ct, some from ny, some i've seen on 120z but i have some that i have not seen. i never posted, but im figureing it out now.
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