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  1. Yea u can nigga, check the lineage..
  2. Interesting Article. Mulitple species of humanoid, interesting. To bad they think the experiment failed ;)
  3. "Could you do better?" that leaves no room for shit talking atmo
  4. I wish these were around b4 i went to mexico..damn
  5. more like a FAGATARIAN, narf narf, look im shitmop! I can hardly wipe my ass!
  6. True... but in response to Mr. Whoopy.. Im not going to bend over and pull down my pants, just like every other ass kissing faggot who you talk 2 or try to step to....you cant run me over bitch...ill take your cookies.. niuuugggaaaaa!!!!!
  7. Im sorry, i forgot you were riding that gang-bang train..my bad..:rolleyes:...faggot ill murder your ass, and leave your gums in some hobo's cup...check your wallet..
  8. I can rock a decent flow on shitmop's grandmother...har...har... Bitch, ima paint your fuckin face..watch me
  9. One to many nut shots on the ear-drum, makes a nigga craaazy..
  10. Really!? DAMN FOO, i seen mad bombs dude, dude....i herd whoopy shanks ppl who talk about his etch taggin..damn, it would hurt to be shanked by the whoopy... Dont do drugs kids!
  11. Plus, they film STARGATE SG-1, the tightest show, in Vancouver...
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