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  1. so much crying. Does this really threaten how "real" you are? If a video game is going to ruin your purist view of graffiti, then no level of "underground" preservation can help you. The BAD news... Why is this such a surprise to everyone. Look at the fuking country we live in, the market catches on slowly, but inevitably, anything that's cool at one point in time will be reapropriated with a dollar figure behind it and marketed. Why would graf be any different. I'm NOT justifying it at all, but seriously, what was the expectation? The same things that drew all of us to graffiti are the same things that draws anyone to graff...including the market. The sooner we all learn that nothing is sacred, and that WE are the ones that have to keep ahead of the curve, and WE are in charge of the reinventing, the better off we'll be. Review the rhetoric...galleries killed graff in the 80's, the buff killed graf in the early 90's, suburban "toy's" killed graf in the late 90's, pop culture and product advertisement killed graf in 2000, now a gang of movies about graf and a video game are going to kill graffiti today. The GOOD news... All wrong. Why should this be any different? It's not like graffiti will become legal because of this, diluting your devious, criminal outlet. Mom still won't aprove, so it's cool.
  2. snapped this one a while back, long been buffed. Off Blue line.
  3. b+w sketchers http://tragicbalance.com/graff/workdoodles.gif'> down time at the work place. so what the letter styles don't match.
  4. brought that sucker to life. *biiigedy buuump* t
  5. yeah..i been working night and day on trying to get my site up (not a graff site, g.design)...when i get a minute i'll post more. stay tuned. good looking.
  6. you humble ass hole...that's $hit's cold as hell. That HEST piece is nice as well.
  7. ««« much appreciated. more later.
  8. sketch is this thing on? http://firebellydesign.com/lowPROFOWL/TESTONER_NYCblackbook03.gif'>
  9. indeed a good question....i got served with 1 yr. supervision and comm. service for the bs...i'm a perfectionist, which makes me a horrible candidate for what's required of a "get in get out" writer in this city, I gotta learn to just leave it alone when it's done and be up. I been out of town for the better part of the last 5 years doing $hit sparatically, most of my progression has been done out of town. I'm sure I'll get hollered at by all you cats representing all the realness that is graff...but due to my current legal situation and my addiction to graff I'm looking to kick some permission walls...my guy is helping me out, trying to get me hooked up with the Boogie Park wall in down in his hood...but if anyone wants to help a fellow writer out get at me.
  10. i'm seein red. yeah i noticed that little battle between you and reso...i felt no need to get into that one...plus you served him with that 3D sketch...all i'm getting are little red x's...i wanna see your flix cuz. Post again, if you can. T35T3R0N1
  11. post em again hecz...i seen a sticker of yours at the Tower Records out by woodfield when I was out in the burbs a while ago...cleverly placed down under the shelf where the graff zines are...originally a NEWA sticker was there, then i put up a tag in blue for a joke and now it's rediculous with everyone making their mark in that 4" x 4" area...anyhow, those stickers of your were sick as hell...nice to see some cats in the burbs getting down with some quality ish. post them flicks again...they didn't comethrough.
  12. NICE FLICKS SWEET PANTS it's nice to see the consistently nice work at the staple spots still....since I left I been fiending to see the new $hit at the Xtremists walls...COSR's cold as hell homies. bts
  13. T35T3R

    Chicago Graff

    BRAIN DAMAGE newest issue of Brian Damage has a short article on the buff here in chicago. Chi-town's appearance in a Euro graff zine for it's aparent infamous city wide crack down war ON graff instead of the actual graff it self...what is this? Is the buff winning? This makes me want to hurt myself. comments please.
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