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  1. once i figure out how to post there will be more. this is a poor rep. of knox. lots coming.
  2. bunk isnt starting any "mid tennessee" threads to promote himself or his friends either...kid you are a fucking moron and half the people looking at this thread are going to hit the back button after the first 5 pics load..... bunk has bombs up i know, has bombed knoxville and its easy to do a 3-d peice when its in your backyard....bunk keep it up, and all you other toys makin tn look bad die. ps. i like how you all posted all of your stuff on top of everyone else. im sure you got that backyard on lock.:lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. shafted!!! this guy always comes correct. man you catch alot of tennessee stuff. like every post. pako, erock, old neuro, and i think there was a grifter on the other panel of that erock, no?
  4. that trendy shit is hott!!!:D :D :D
  5. i personally like the losers work alot. altho i do hate self promo, and i am jealous of day spots. but shit i catch dreos in the south alot, i dunno about this kid being better. i saw in some old thread some losers getting dissed and being called snitches....dunno about that tho.:cool:
  6. why dont you idiots look at the heavens forum dudes been dead for awhile and had his own thread its not next a2m
  7. you happen to catch the mesko grifter on the other side of that sigh? wow 3 meskos 1 post :D :D :D
  8. where in tenn? in knox i saw some pi crew tags and thats it. i wonder if they noticed the raze ems they tagged next too. this aint beef kids so no one get excited/.....druunnk
  9. true king. years later...i just caught that silver wholecar...hasnt been stamped....hasnt even faded the slightest. i almost shit myself hopping over the line and seeing it. nace fucking lives. my all time fav writer and the whole reason i paint. i know its toy as fuck but i had to tell him this at scribble 01. atleast i got to tell him. rest in power:king:
  10. whoa! detriot is the shit. it looks like skrew was there for awhile, or did he just really kill shit. sux that him and those other kids got lined on the first page.
  11. like theres not alot of dopez on aoa. lert didnt post these and who cares anyways? so many jealous kids:lol:
  12. Shortchanged

    Kem 5

    post the rest of this last flicks production
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