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  1. http://www.puregraffiti.com/forum/upload/a...s=&postid=83944 hahahahaha fuck off
  2. -PR0KE0NE


    ezaROne, thats tight
  3. -PR0KE0NE

    eat me!

    melty, suck a dick you dumb fuck, go draw some absract shit an try to call it graf. sker, you might be good at graf, but you act like a fuckin 6 year old. grow up bitch. you slay someone for complimentin yur work? fine, ill jst take the piss a bit more. dont bite the hand that helps you. twat :huh?:
  4. -PR0KE0NE

    eat me!

    yo sker, post some of that shit up in b-boys, i aint seen half those sketches but there hell'a tight. keep up the good work
  5. -PR0KE0NE


    haha, thats ill
  6. -PR0KE0NE


    Your a twat; I dont go to public school, and i didnt ask for your opinion. I really dont give a shit about your feelings towards the English language, but if you do feel so strongly towards them, then maybe you should learn how to spell. "dwawings" "opionion" www.dictionary.com :) If your not going to comment on the sketch, then piss off
  7. -PR0KE0NE


    aiight, thanks. Id post up more pics but i cant be arsed to sign up to Fotango.
  8. -PR0KE0NE


    yo thanks, i know i aint too hot on 3D [understatement], but other people kinda judge 3D differently so its hard to understand. that dont make sense dus it....i need sleep. heres where someone else thinks ive gone wrong: http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00284158f00000026.jpg'> Heres another sketch....i could only find some shitty pencils to do the fill :beat: http://ahleh.tripod.com//sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/aligraf7.jpg'> comments?
  9. -PR0KE0NE


    Re: ME THROWIE! what type of white pen u use for that? ill shit :P
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