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  1. DASEE

    Photos you dig.

    I'm really diggin that 2nd picture.
  2. Speaking of strong coffee, my ex was Brazillian. His parents coffee was the consistancy of tar (ok, maybe i'm exagerating).
  3. I love cafe au laits but don't understand why they cost more so, instead i get a short coffee in a tall cup (1.30 or something) and fill the rest with whole milk. I have my au lait (only the milk isn't steamed), it's hella cheaper, and i don't have to wait so i don't burn my tongue b/c the coffee's already cooled. I have mastered the system.
  4. DASEE


    that graff battle had a couple of others i like- the other female character is nice as well. i'm thinkin of movin to phoenix in a coupla years, is there lotso illegal, or more legal?
  5. ahh, i'd say the aquarium is a must. I could spend the entire day in that place! The museum of surgical science is pretty neat too.. Shit, all the damn museums are kinda nice. The Museum of Science and Industry is also a favorite (the slices of human organs and fetuses in jars are interesting) On tuesdays all august there's the outdoor film festival in grant park...the air and water show (i'm not sure what date). Taking the El through various neighborhoods would be neat. Do you knoe we have a hologram museum? Never been ther though. Oh, and Cirque De Soliel is in town if you got the money, i saw it once when i was younger and loved it. Shit, in summer the city is great.
  6. Working at an art store was so fun until they went corporate. Really cool people, flexible schedule, laid back environment plus $50 worth of free art supplies every month. The benefits were endless..a $1.00 raise after 6 mos and $.50 every 6 mos after. Good medical benifits too.....then they went corp and everything changed drastically. ALSO, in my dept we got 144 mean streaks in various colors we weren't allowed to sell and my supervisor let me take them all home for free!
  7. DASEE

    i eat snails

    I had a pet snail named Garlic when I was younger
  8. the white stripes are coming to chicago, woohoo, can't wait I'm on a whole bjork kick right now so i'll say COCOON And then since its summer i'm on a DEE-LITE kick sooo In the Summertime and Apple Juice Kissing and tons more
  9. Was in it The Wedding Singer?
  10. DASEE

    Cooking with 12oz

    GUACAMOLE!! 2-3 soft avocados (mash em) chopped onion chopped tomato some adobo some lemon juice I like with the authentic Mexican style chips rather than Tostidos or other lamo kind. Tastes really nice with a corona with lime and salt Yummy for the summertime
  11. DASEE


    Do you know there's (or was) and island in the phillipines where guys had to have their penis pierced (ampallang) straight through the head, a ball on either side I could only imagine how good that would feel my boyfriend won't do it anyway, the point is, the women of the village wouldn't marry the man if he didn't have it pierced
  12. DASEE

    some photos I found

    Did you get this idea from Amelie?
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