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  1. Im under the impression "The Workers" is prolly some dude(S) whos down with graff, and is doing it, for the same reason we all are, they never cross out pieces from what I've seen; however, is in no way connected with that "get a job" phucker...that crosses out, and also boasts they are "workers" as well. lookin for a flick of "get a job"....anyone help me out?
  2. yo ninja...das a bad-ass post as usual... bigupyouself!!
  3. .....great flicks.........that a genesis on your counter?
  4. Agreed... lets see your "blow fatso out of the water" style.....and just incase, here's that watch I as telling you about kiddo... http://www.fortunecity.com/business/ziff/139/ktwatch3.jpg'>
  5. Big up to Fatso...if anyone is knockin him..your a retard...anyone that knows what time it is, knows Fatty's one of the hardest cats around..obviously.....go to walmart and buy yourself a watch , you could probably find a cute little hello kitty one.
  6. bad-ass mountain tunnel-o-love flick... Sigh, Kem and Fatso&Water E2E..
  7. word...big 'em up....nice big flicks..... good work.
  8. hahahaha...fr8-o ..thats hilarious!
  9. nice post....on yet another useless holiday
  10. Damn, nice big bright pictures...great post
  11. Fatso Chilled XP...every flick is roastin' keep 'em comming !
  12. Tyboe, Mesko, Diar, Other, that Cycle is tuff...
  13. GetoBlaster & Tuff Kid, bad ass post...just wondering, *GB* were'd ya catch those 2 brand new T-BOX's at?... they've gone a long way. B U M P !
  14. I find it really hard to believe that the "UN" has a secret base in Montana or where ever... plus the UN hate the US's guts. The UN isn't really into "covert" stuff anyways, they are a peace keeping organization. Most likely they are used by some other type of Government branch (CIA, or BlackOps, or something else... not the UN though) .. come'on -The cars almost look like reefers with windows, most likely they are some sort of personnel transport train, they do transport people in trains like that...usually to take them to places without roads, or an adequite air strip. Its totally not that cost effective to transport people via the rails..they use plains or busses..ya'll seen "ConAir"..they really do that..! But who knows in this day and age, but with the Government the way they are, they would shut this thread or whole board down, if there was pictures, and talk of Ultra secret stuff...it would be gone for sure..this is a board about illegal "doings" afterall... they prolly keep an eye on it.. Maybe they are fo-rilla..and maybe not.... who knows....
  15. McGarnigle


    umm that doesn't really make any sense...wrong category dude.
  16. Mber has been rocking long and hard ..... I think everyone has seen nuff Mber all over everyline that passes by.. he knows what time it is.
  17. McGarnigle


    Damn, thats not a bad post at all, nice west coast flavah!
  18. McGarnigle


    seeing that your the first name on this lame thread, it appears that you did start this lame thread...
  19. uhh..um JorOne's pretty bad-ass... but I guess I missed the main event... meh
  20. Love the the Euro-fr8's...I like their reefers better..they look crazy....
  21. Like all the chilled express....like the sight..
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