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johnny CASH

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  1. dont hate us cuz you aint us straydog, you need to take that wick wack hip hop shit back to your cipher divine god or whatever . Im from L.A. and this crew so fuck off. death metal por vida ese
  2. WHOLE LOTTA RUCKUS ON VACATION whats up all you LD thugs out thurr, cashtrae on the check in. Im on vacation as most of you know and I have been wrecking the dog shit outta this place. I cracked some kid in his tweaker ass grill with a crackbox radio,then I kick his ass again for spare chainging two spots down from me. Im talkin face kicks and all that cuzn. then I went back to my homebum squat and finished up a bottle of rum and smoked crack outta two different pipes with three different lighters. anyways I miss errbodys thug antics but I aint leaving this island for a while unless Im wanted. hit my email if any of yall wanna come down here.
  4. jokes! whats black and white and red all over? a nun with a harpoon thru her chest.
  5. dead bosnians are the best bosnians as el presedente this is the only time im calling shots. ANYONE IN LD WHO ISNT THOUROGHLY RACIST AGAINST BOSNIANS GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS CREW! we like nips, nig-nogs, crackers and beaners cuz the all sound like snack foods. bosnia sounds like something you catch on your feet. big ups on the image topspizzer,If I wasnt dope sick I might have cracked a smile. twats up with some dead bosnian priests?arrrgggghhhhh.
  6. OG johnny cash r.i.p. 1932-2003 I dont even know where them tags in L.A. are at^ I dont remember that night but then again I got alot of nights I dont remembeer! and dont you love when they take your fire escape off and leave yer letters ...hot boy shit right thurr
  7. BEEF! hey, if guer just signed his death warrent ( acording to juce) then expect me at your moms house to burn it, we got pictures of you and your boy, names and adresses, think we dont I lived in st.louis 6 months and got more juce then you toys ever will in your own town in your own neighborhood cuzz its ours yall just stay thurr dont make me stomp ya in my air force ones. me and guer been doing dirt for years from L.A. to boston and everywhere inbetween. I would love to see you with a railroad spike right in the fucking eye, your moms church on fire and the flag in front of your house burnt black you toys have now Idea.yall aint gangsters I seen you with a mesh hat on on top of that bridge and thought you were wearing a wig looking like cap's retarted cuzn.....suckerducknewbootys
  8. ba ba baltimore hey errbody Im in baltimore headed to nyc geez up lowdown
  9. ages sadly ages is no longer with LD. his graf career is over and he is facing alot of jail time. as funny as we all thought he was being a sex crazed pervert and all . he crossed the line and became a full on sex offender. as skanless and low down as our crew is, that is something we just cant condone.......johnny CASH back on 12 oz.
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