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  1. how did tie die? Quoted post [/b] murdered by a fucking V.Nam vet NRA piece of shit who got away with executing an unarmed kid over graffiti
  2. ok this thread is on the first page and its already gone the way of the SF thread. LHK aint shit so who gives a fuck, move on. So there is this one thread you might want to checkout, its called EastBayShits you stupid fuck. close this thread
  3. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me not to be a total heartless dick and if this is true, my deepest sympathies, but this shit sounds like a whole lot of utter bullshit. it is almost exactly like the bullshit thread started about two months back about "SABER getting shot and killed while doing a roller in los angeles" and that thread was a whole lot of bullshit internet lies, so yeh... i have a real hard time believeing this.
  4. fuckin maiden reprsent, im seein thats how this friday, im fuckinf psyched. nice freight flicks, who is that one that was covered but i can see the MSK on it, do you have any idea who that was?
  5. im sure a lot of these have been said before but here goes: embrace the end (my all tiome favorite) time for living beneath the ashes (check them out at gilman tomorrow night for their cd release show) american nightmare (or giving up the ghost or whatever the fuck they are called now) darkest hour blood for blood embrace today damage done SOA Teen Idles Minor Threat Redemption 87 Unit Pride bleeding through Never Again All Bets Off
  6. for christs sake, the zodiac killer, hands down. mother fucker had an estimated 37 + kills, he would send hand written letters to the police with codes telling who he is, he would call news programs, send letters to news papers, send letters to victems families, taunt and make fun of the SFPD, and the guy was never caught!
  7. yeh, his wife had a drug problem, she killed him and then herself. huge loss, phil was one of the best comedians of all time
  8. ShankYoAss

    shoes shoes

    http://www.shoplet.com/office/vlgimages/BMRC2451.JPG'> thats what i wear. but dont do the same. i dont want them played out.
  9. how the hell did i leave out jack nicholson
  10. al pachino rob dinero ed norton joe pechi samule l jackson christopher walken dustin hauffman johnny depp michale keaton john beluchi winona ryder christina ricci hmmm,,,, i cant spell for shit and i cant think of many other actresses so ill just leave it at that
  11. haha, yeh i saw that picture on www.truetilldeath.com and i lauged really hard, but hey, Ian Makae did renounce sXe... whatever, fred durst is an ignorant bastard, im sure his fucking publisist made him wear that shirt to give him "street cred" or some bullshit, he couldnt name a minor threat song to save his life. fuck him and fuck limp bizket, in the words of comic book man "worst band ever!"
  12. http://foreverfree.com/shankyoass/spadonis.jpg'> this is pretty damn close, the hair needs to be a little longer
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