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  1. ShApE

    imperfect raps

    skibbity doo bop dap dang blu chitty nadda poo bri kooo ladda dang bee bop boo onski la la eeek dam bop du bee bop do l lang poo
  2. ShApE

    ePiK oNe

    well.....if ur not REALLY feelin it u can mail it to me and i will frame it and put it on my wall
  3. aight so i was skating around town and i met sum other "skater" and we talked for a bit and i skated away cus he was acting like a prik. so i went over to sonic and im eatin my chicken tender meal w/ 1 onion ring and so im eatin and that prik walks by and takes my 1 onion ring and keeps walkin so i follow him and i punch him in neck and he falls.then gets up like he wants more so i punched him in the face about 7 times and got a scar on my knuckle from his braces.
  4. pretty old http://pluto.imagemagician.com/images/shape_1/shape5.jpg'>
  5. of course u do, it's perfectly natural
  6. you are the koolest person alive.man that part when the started twirlin the stick ...i almost soiled myself
  7. man shit, u fuckin pussies i fuckin give tats all the time hear at the triler park,listen up my man what u need to make a homeade tattoo is get u sum duct tape and a rake and when ur sittin there wonderin what the fuck to do it'll come to ur pussy ass.
  8. i saw and awesome old skool kung fu movie at like 4 in the mornin once. i never got the name but 2 cripple dudes join together and fight a bad guy. i actually found a clip of it. go to www.stupidvideos.com and go to search and type in crippled kung fu.
  9. i think everyone who supposebly gets on a computer drunk is faking it to be "cool" i don't need that im already "cool"
  10. gogurt is jizz in a different tube
  11. Latin Lesson from ShApE: the words patricide and matricide come from the latin words Pater, moter, Pater meaning father and moter meaning mother ShApE's list of words most likely to be spelled wrong: Pater Mater
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