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  1. did you like it in your dream?[homo block enabled]
  2. ricky williams is a good player but i dont think he fit with the dolphins..they are a good defensive team
  3. scary, who would let this trash watch their kids??
  4. the press


  5. who got dissed on the other side of the door?? navy 8?:eek: i sense a smaking for those kids
  6. crush kill destroy- what is a garbage car? what does it look like?
  7. how do you know she has STD's? seriously?? if you are beeing serious , tell us the story about how you know she does
  8. not to sound dickish, but the best thing to do is get in the car and follow tracks..it works and then you know exactly where the spot is..do your own homework
  9. the press


    if you had not of told me this i would have done something stupid.. i never knew*:lol:
  10. damn....do you even pay attention??? throw your camera in a lake and run as fast as you can in the oppisite direction
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