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  1. solers is weak... parke shud win
  2. woot night tagger... now why didnt i use that as my name:idea:
  3. fame401


    DONNIE DARKO IS MY ALL TIME FAV MOVIE MAN... frank is my fuckin hero this thread shud be a god damn sticky GO SEE THE DAMN MOVIE IF U HAVENT
  4. ahhahahaha:lol: PG owns this board ne day... this board is full of pricks, liars, toys, and powertrip mods... Training Bible II is the only reason i come here... good flicks in that thread
  5. ill hit it up, but im in canada... so ya?
  6. looks like an E nigguh, but nice
  7. decent, needs to flow more... the s and the h dont flow but the o and the r are fine... work on ur flow and fuck the markers for now
  8. fame401


    right click on the X go to properties copy the url and paste it in the adress bar... by the way... thats fuckin dope....
  9. YOU SUCK!! lol juss playin man that shit is fuckin mint... id like to see some more graffiti shit and some more drawings of the chick with tha hugge ass!! lol good werk:p
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