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  1. y start another thread with the same old garbage flix. contract go paint something and stop posting. let the streets and the steel tell the real story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. (I HUMP) a close up day shot of that gsouth is really needed
  3. damn thats my benching spot when im out there!! :huh2:
  4. waste is really getting around!!!!!!!
  5. im not even from la and i know why he wrote those crews. because ris xtc mtk are down dtk cbs etc........ it goes back to the connection with ket power frame ghost zeno etc............ think about it!!!!!!!!!
  6. gas to work $4.00 internet connection $29.95 picture of buckys sorry ass knocked out PRICELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! :haha: :haha: :haha:
  7. jaesssssssss amosssssssss oilssssssssss
  9. caught you rollin yesterday homieeeeeeeeee
  11. black bird you have way to much time on your hands! good stuff though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yo worstguy whats the deal homie? They cant even comprehend the magnitude!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i love u miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. yo bucky :clown2: the answer to your pm about ending beef is NO bitch. you got beef for life!!!!!!
  15. by the end of the year that toy will have nothing left.
  16. homie i met (i knew) crome sege bane car etc before you even thought about writing. we all used to kick it at hia. pen. dont bring this shit about respecting this and that. when you cats were going to the marina pen and going over alot pieces there was no respect then and now you want it! your supposed homies started this shit about 10 years ago with disrespecting my boy's crib. we handled it back then by crushing all their shit. fast forward 5 years, you guys talked shit in a mag. cats fought and pieces got toyed and shit got handled again. fast forward 5 years later to today, you guys went to atl went over my boys piece with a sege msg. of all the spots in that city why that spot? you have been around for a while and you know the history between the crews. SO WHAT DID YOU EXPECT??????????????????
  17. ICHABOD hovering around a yard near you!!!!!!!!!!!
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