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  1. spunyon

    Ghost .

    :D Ghost is One of the dopest of all time..
  2. Yo BOZACK... I think you are testing your luck.. If you stick your neck out far enough its gonna get cut off. Then again if you're from NOLA you know what you're getting into. Most cats around those PJ's are panhandling, swingin/hustlin or high. Sorry if that comes off as a generalization, but so far in my 6 1/2 years here i've found that to be the case. Also its unfortunate but true that a '100 lb. white boy" is an easy assed target for somebody in the game. Honestly it's all on you, but don't be surprized if somethin happens. By the way do you write when you're walking thru the projects or just scoping? Holla back.......
  3. it's kinda funny how quick you flipped your view.. but you did make a good point about people having to live like that.... but methinks BOZAK was being sarcastic...
  4. Say wha?? DO go here: 1)random cemeteries, especially Holt cemetery (scary shit at Holt) 2)camellia grill 3)beckham's book shop 4)peaches records and tapes 5)MY personal favorites: desire projects Calliope projects magnolia jects iberville & lafitte jects hollygrove gert town (just be careful and know what ward you're in incase anyone asks) [/b] Yo holmes you gotta be fuckin dusted or sum shit to be tellin a kid from outta town to go to calliope and dirty mag.. Those cats are str8 jackin over there. stickup kids corrupt cops and crack rox. The cemeteries and the bookshop are good ideas but even the cemeteries are sketch.. Stick with the 9th ward and maybe frenchman.... juss sayin
  5. abel in the same breath as lee, futura hmmm?
  6. roots manuva is dope though
  7. saw a vulcan piece in san francisco last year
  8. is the rio on the clean ny train the same as the above flicks? does he still paint and what happrned to FUME i remember that guys shit was dope in the early 90s
  9. wheres the flicks of the finished shit
  10. spunyon


    i love how they used a roller on that 1st one
  11. just drove by the temple of junerism the other day shit is mad hot
  12. spunyon


    that sef piece is dope why is his new shit terrible?
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