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  1. u gonna battle me or what pussy
  2. ares did u not read me when i said lets battle?
  3. ares is wack as fuk ares ur a homo u start so much shit n u think ur a king no one cares about u or ur gay site everyone on here could burn u u think ur cool cuz u post my old flicks wow lets battle
  4. ares ur handstyles r wack i cant believe it took u a whole 3 mins to shit that sketch out
  5. http://www.mearone.com/legal1.jpg u cant bite mear characters whats next a seen bite piece?
  6. anybody check out mear's site if u wanna see the bite i could bust all original characters 10 times better than he could fuck biters
  7. that first egor character is such a huge bite
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