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  1. Mija


    word. sounds like a plan.
  2. Mija


    um.. I never said I NEEDED a boyfriend.
  3. Mija


    masturbating gets boring. real sex is better.
  4. Mija


    I want a boyfriend.
  5. Word. I will check him out.
  6. I box with newborns. period.
  7. I want to get a Dia de los Muertos(Day of the dead) piece done on my back. Do any of you know any good artist in the Los Angeles area?:confused:
  8. No. not "CESS". S-T-R-E-S-S. I'm from So.Cal so it makes sense that ol' boy from Northern Cali knows what I'm talking about.
  9. Bodega woman says... "I ain't no puta, I'm Connie. I keeps my panties clean!"--guess where thats from. es ist über Ihrem Kopf. it makes perfect sense to me. fuck you. it's 2 AM.
  10. Ew,I picked one off of my tonsil when I was sick and it smelled weird, like a barbell in your tongue. :D
  11. words from WISE1 ... <span style='color:deeppink'>"I won't hit a girl, but I'll sock a fat bitch."</span>
  12. open up when you pray I'd be smoking crack with crazy black tweeker Jeff while he screamed "Rock fucking steady!!!" in some hot pink booty shorts with the little girl ruffles across the ass, with some gold lame boots and a "We want Eazy" t-shirt.
  13. <span style='color:deeppink'>This Canadian kid tried to tell me that "stress" is not weed. Is that term an American thing or what?</span>
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