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  1. ash

    Graff Girls

    wheres the naked graff girls?
  2. yeah the city slicker thread is nice, but its still pictures of the same writers from this thread... "real graffiti"?
  3. fr real..none of my buisness, but postin all the shitalkin for the world ta see, you makin it everyones buisness, how bout you end it like this...facto doin his thing out there, puttin in some serious work, fatco doin his thing, stay workin too. you got beef, handle it in the real world cause you probably see each other every day..what is this some hippie-turned-emo-gangsta anger management thread? lets see some flicks or lets see some blood...
  4. ah. which could be why i cant post a flick for the goddamn life of me. thanks for tha tip fc...fuck macintosh.capitalist bitches.
  5. does anyone else get red x's instead of fatcopones pics? im freakin out over here..
  6. does anyone know why theres little red x's instead of pics? they pissin me off..
  7. theres two ways you can make a dope stencil... 1: find a picture with lots of contrast (dark shadows, with strong light source) then put it in a copy machine and turn the lightener up a lot, out comes your pic with mostly shadows, cut them out and spray away..... 2: Adobe Illustrator. you can trace all the dark areas out into more simple shapes, fill them in, and print. cut and spray. or just steal your ideas from CrimethInc. like most cats... Good luck y'all.
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