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  1. rough sex-slayer:mad: nice sensual sex-kenny g baby:crazy:
  2. wa5tePHK

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    i was up there during killswitch also. ill definitly be at unearth. thursday right?
  3. wa5tePHK

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    Re: colorado kids??? hey man i was there. what do you look like. im a chunky mexican kid. i was wearin a blue shirt with graff on it. if you were on the second level you might have seen me and my boy fuk up some guy.
  4. wa5tePHK


    he would probably do sumthin really holy and boring and shit. unless he did the whole water into wine thing that would be cool.
  5. wa5tePHK

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    wats the next show your gonna be at. i go to alot of metal shows to. im goin to cradle aof filth and killswitch on monday and ill be at the tulagi on the 17th for as i lay dying
  6. wa5tePHK

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    you cramps, you from colorado? it would be cool to meet another writer whos into hardcore. im always at alot of shows. hell maybee i already know you.
  7. wa5tePHK

    The Throwie Thread

    that itso is fukin hot:scramble:
  8. wa5tePHK

    Pictures of your pets 2003

    fotango sucks ass
  9. wa5tePHK

    post your own shit here

    nice shit wankarock
  10. wa5tePHK

    Art Expression of Methods Thread

    http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00334311f00000013.jpg'> this shits just screamin to be painted on a train. dope shit rize and everyone
  11. wa5tePHK


    those r some of the most shitty tattoos ever. i hope you got that shit for free (the one that says amore instead of amor) actually i hope you barely found out and r kicking yourself in the head
  12. wa5tePHK

    Top 5 (fuck a title)

    top 5 bands right now boy sets fire skycamefalling lamb of god soilwork deftones
  13. wa5tePHK

    Favourite Killer of the 20th Century

    stalin takes the prize
  14. wa5tePHK

    they signed my blackbook

    looks like it says killa rist
  15. wa5tePHK

    AyO FoR SaN DiEgO!

    me too