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  1. Ok i'll stop bugging you about them...but i'll just say one thing which i'm certain is on your mind already...the longer time goes by the less likely they will be salvageable.
  2. Ok i get your swerve. You avoided the head on and simply side swiped a parked car. how about this one lol.... rrraawwwwrr. dinosaur speak for post your old school flicks?
  3. errrr by your own definition "non·sen·si·cal (n n-s n s -k l). adj. 1. Lacking intelligible meaning: a nonsensical jumble of words. 2. Foolish; absurd" ergo no longer required. Thanks for clearing that up....Next challenger?
  4. granted they can obv do something "better" than a squiggly line but... graffiti "art" is subjective so the word "better" is somewhat redundant in this instance imo.
  5. them mods don't like when you make a new thread for other cities in nsw anyways...they want it all in here...when you gonna post your oldschool flicks christo i been waiting a while now... :) edit: just realised act isn't part of nsw at all, but i'm pretty sure what i said still stands true.
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