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  1. exactly how i felt. bought 3 pair not too long ago
  2. yeah, I saw a painting of his at the art institute of chicago museum, it was more than 12 feet high and full color. amazingly, it still looked like a photo from 20-30 feet away, i've been a fan since.
  3. couldnt have said it better myself... BUT as long as folks are stuck on every pair of Dunks that come out i can find shit like the Orca air trainers for 50 bucks shipped.
  4. those are the wackest fucking shoes ive ever seen in my life. i walked in the bath room at school and there was a kid wearing them, i wanted to piss on his shoes. its just soo funny, if they were some old school XJ900's (if you all know what those are) or if they had nothing to do with Pharell and were sold at payless niggas would laugh at any crab that wore those shits. those should come with instructions on how to kill yourself
  5. :haha: i was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. anyway, to each his own. if you already got em you might as well rock them. personally if someone i knew wore them i would suggest they look into euthanasia but i think thats just cause i hate everything preppy. its not about what you wear, its how you wear it
  6. the new iPods are hot but i wouldnt suggest buying one till we see how they work out for all those people that have the disposable income that just "have to have the newest thing out." my sister bought the iPod mini the day it came out and she had to return it for new ones 4 times, they just everntually gave her a new 20 gig for free. meanwhile i buy my 40gig off a booster in NYC for $250 bucks right before the last one came out and i havent yet had a problem.
  7. yeah, VOSS is nothing new. got it free at a club more than a year and a half ago. the design is cool but they dont make the 800ml bottles out of glass anymore, or they just dont ship them to the places they did in Chicago anymore, because people were fucking people up with them if a fight broke out. it was also $7.50 for the smaller one which is fucking stupid. most of bottled water is tap water anyway. i love people that pay too much for water cause they swear its better (in DC anything is though), please get on google and read up on the actual regulations on bottled water... or the lack there of. anyone on the northside Chicago want Fiji water, just go to the gas station on Addison off the blue line. $1.25 for the larget bottle.
  8. those shoes are comfortable as hell, BUT if you skate DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT, wear them. they will fall apart in less than a week
  9. you :gaga: got really bad taste. Quoted post [/b] i wouldnt personally rock anything he listed but hey, to each his own. besides, he said everything is about 5 years behind where he is from. shit, i remember when Iceberg was the hottest shit around in 2001 and those horrible Coogi sweaters with the matching hats were "in" in 2000. shit, if you think about it, the shit he is rocking is actually a few months ahead where he is from. (just so you know, "button ups" and Lacoste Polos will be "in" next since Jay-z said he stopped wearing jerseys on the black album... just wanted to give you the heads up.)
  10. with bills and my hobbies eating a hole in my wallet every month i cant bring myself to spend more than 50 bucks for jeans. i still seem to find more than a few pair, usually for about $40. i usually just wear some plain diesel jeans, they fit me well and most people dont want them because they arent flashy enough for hipsters and they dont look like a homeless painter previously owned them, so they just get marked down all the time. i also wear G-star, their A-crotch series is the shit. can be pricey (more than 200 a pair sometimes) but i've been wearing them for a while and they would also get marked down cause people didnt know what they were.
  11. ZEAM!! Them zeam's is hott as hell!!! Yo zeam if u browse through this thread always remember u got a spot to chill in chicago when ur passing through cuz,
  12. Random Skerok Sighting what up man! i got 3 stickers like moments after u left, i woulda gave em to you homay!!! Fuck it, and man i aint whipped, the pussy is just that good hahhahaha yo man ima stop by for real killa, u make me proud with your evolution of style, u saucy french bastard you!
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