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  1. crap.vandals


    hot hot hot. i'll post some flix ill post some i have of him soon.
  2. that picture with the guys intestins falling out is bad ass. rather than that.. this is a waste of space. why does TEARS think he is the shit. he disses the toys but cant rank up.
  3. ditto . flamer does suck but the rest is tight.
  4. tight post im digging that ass character hot shit.
  5. cool pictures but i woudnt of taken flix of the shit ones
  6. [shit] thought the post said "rollers" guess i need to learn to read :mad:
  7. atleast have the pictures work >
  8. The Virus "ICE9" is possible but the coding they used looked like C++/C/C# or Java, a type like that which you wouldnt use to program it. more of a binary translated language
  9. Dork Menace and GOT rock the PaperChase Thread. Keep Posting
  10. nice tight shit, got any more?
  11. sick shit. mpower flick was tight too
  12. ://bump. i love it. those tags rock. more miami flix >
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