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  1. holy shit my brain dosent belive to what my eyes read onsec not beefing????
  2. no one promised flicks i just said flix coming along no time im working
  3. hey mikro i was looking for you ..... wassup how you been hit me on aim virsafk we need to talk about the book
  5. yo asert dont think i forgot about you its just that my burner got busted up im trying to get the movie asap with love virs
  6. http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/a/s/i/_/c/a/p/2/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301251934328410/200407151736288581/one.jpg'> http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/a/s/i/_/c/a/p/2/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200301251934328410/200407151737211163/onee.jpg'>
  7. ader canvases for sale decent prices very decent contact me at didicapoeira@walla.co.il http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200207201249191598/200406290805105226/exit_to_street_.jpg'> http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200207201249191598/200406290807142934/garfield.jpg'> http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200207201249191598/200406290807541873/green_bk.jpg'>
  8. im loading it in progress lol http://grm.m.walla.co.il/briefcase/00f3/d/i/d/i/c/a/p/o/e/i/r/a/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/@/r/200207201249191598/200406282107503434/vi.jpg'>
  9. omg ... i have a qustion tough was it really done only with cans and buckets o' paint cuz if so mad props
  10. iceman banned Registered: Nov 2003 Location: south side chitown Posts: 31
  11. hey if a dude who dosent even know you turns the world up side down for you i think you will need more the a e mail to thank him obviously it was a dumd move hacking in to hecz shit to get his number BUT when i did it i havent seen the bad in it only the good intentions and trust me i had my beef with hecz but thats not the issue right now about para the fact is that every time he aims me he asks " did you get those stickers ?" and " damn its been a while i hope they didnt get lost " well as i came to figure there are two options one he never sent it out two they got lost i dont really care i had that joke a several times now and i m used to it but have i never once begged him for his stickers ecxcept for the first time i asked him to trade about your book .... well the plan was that i was in my first stage of infuseiasm (excitment) and wanted to hit up every book i could get my hands on speeking of .... you were the one asking me all the time to tell hecz to send the book your way ...any way once again i let you fuck my thread up thanx onsec. :o
  12. news flash i dont live in the states
  13. in the mean while you opned up the NEW SKETCH THREAD posted up every fucking sketch you did every ugly scribble you made and every wall you did coming back every day to check the coments about your ugly ass shit and i m the one who is dependable ? as i said once i dont give a fuck about you or any other cat here who wants to kill me i m here to show my shit to the ones i do talk to do trade with and cant contact them to see my shit and btw i wasent the one begging you to trade stickers with me about two months ago pz :lick:
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