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  1. all i am saying is i didnt write that post. but when it comes down to it me and my homies will fuck up any those toys on that list. if they want to say shit to us. if i find out who you are the boss, seattledied, and intangeble know that you all will get touched. fuck all you haters. to the boss even if i did send those emails why you gotta name drop like that. fake pusy
  2. dont even think about pullin some funny shit!:D
  3. Alright well Ill hear from a homie or you or whatever.
  4. Seattledied, Read everything that happened. Of course I didnt write that list. I think I made it clear enough to everyone but these fags keep comin back with more. Nothing, how would you be able to do that? You dont know who I am.
  5. Im not saying me and Gauze are the only ones who know them but yea there are quite a few that we both know on the list. They know other people and other people know I know them. Alot of people know we know them. Thats why its obvious I didnt write that. Think about it. These fools are trying to act like Im somebody else and you can tell they are trying to start beef. Gauze isnt stupid enough to write down half those names. and If I wrote it, I would write it again and again and again. Thats the truth
  6. All I can do Is laugh. I dont need to say more except read what I already told you over and over again until you understand. grow up
  7. How is quoting what a homie said namedroping? Do you know what namedroping is? Its not when you say a persons tag. Its when you say there name and tag. haha. I thought everyone knew that. I guess not. You said " dude, you said youre gonna touch me cuz i said someones my homie?". What the fuck are you talking about? I said I was going to touch you becouse you come on here anonymously telling me youre going to kill me or Gauze. Thats why I said I was going to fuck you up. I am down for my homies. Otherwise I wouldnt be here talking to fools like you now. You try to act like a good homie but why dont you tell them about you trying to start beef between them and other crues. That really cool. I hope you and Intanglemangle get jumped by all the people you guys listed! Thats what you diserve. I thank the funiest part is that you named some homies in the lists! hahahahaahahahhahahahahhaah! Idiot Idiot Idiot. haha. Thats really funny! Wow. You guys crack me up. I emailed you a few times yes. But you emailed me first. We both told eachother we wouldnt tell what we write. We just told our homies. So if you email people a bunch of shit you typed out just like you did here, your a fuckin dumbass. I already proved you wrong. I didnt write any of that stupid little kid sounding shit! Another thing thats funny is Gause doesnt even have a computer. haha. He will be on soon he said to me earlier. Gets will be on soon too. You can really talk to him then. haha. You guys need to get your facts straight and stop trying to cause beef. With your homies. Youll know when theyre on. I have nothing more to say to you shit startin picture takers who like to call graffers toys. I cant wait til this comes back on you guys. The people on that list will eventually see that and notice that some of them are Gauzes homies and that you are a bunch of shit! Thats basicly all I have to say. Shut the fuck up!:D :rolleyes: :mad: :confused: :king: :lol:
  8. Re: Todays Comedy is... The same goes for you as the "boss". What is with you fools trying to start beef with Gauze and Others? He has never hit up OSM and ha never would haha. I never typed that shit but out of those crues gauze would probly say fuck Lost Kats, MYL, and maybe GR. Why wouldnt someone say fuck MYL? They are transvestites. Half the people you wrote me and Gauze both know. You fucking retard! You dont even know who you wrote down. You obviously are dumb as fuck! Half of the people you wrote are girls and pussies anyways. As far as all those crues and people, I know Gauze and hes not fucking stupid!:king:
  9. Yo Boss, You got the wrong mutha fucka and if you really want to meet so you can "cut my throat" then lets do this. Cause I want to fuck you up just for trying to namedrop a homie. Namedroping is not tolerated by me. Like Nam said "anyone who is caught namedroping will be severely lynched by a razor ribbon wire soaked in glass etch". Thats what Ill do. If you want to come on here acting like I said a bunch of shit I didnt say then your just a bitch. Pores is someone I have never met and Im not planing on it. Im not like you talking shit to people I dont know who will beat the shit out of you like a chiwawa barking like a badass. Its called a punt. Ill tatoo your forehead! Not like you calling people toys when you "dont write". Sure. Then get the fuck off this graff site. "Boss"haha. You dont boss shit. Thats why I am fee zone. Ill make you pay. You dont want to meet me. Trust that. The homie Gausr doesnt hack anyone and I know him well enough to say that he doesnt hack Pores. Stop trying to start beef. Fag. nothing you said did I say. So fuck off. What you did is basicly this: The Boss said: My name is John Pinkerston and last night I went out and hacked every dope tager I could find with a sharpee marker. I tag Eloms(smole) for lost kitty. Haha. Wow dont be fucking stupid. Yea right, like Im gonna say some shit like that about someone I dont even know. Gauze is the homie and I personally dont think hes a toy. You need to learn some respect you little kid! I want to shank you just for acting like I said a bunch of shit I didnt say to get beef between Pores and Gauze. Fuck that! Im not saying I want to kill you becouse nobody has the right to take someone elses life but I will put you in alot of pain. No joke. You dont know me and I dont know you. You dont know Gause and I do. I dont know if you know pores but I dont know him and neither does Gause. Nobody in UBK has any reason to hack a fellow graffer unless they hack. Were all in the same game! I never said that Dose and Dfine are my homies. haha. Hell no. Have you ever seen Gauze hack Pores? No. So shut the fuck up! Gauze does not say nigger either. First, hes not black so he doesnt say nigga. Second there are black fools in our crue. Its obvious I didnt say that shit you idiot. Where did I write this all at? Huh? Let me guess. You cant remember. If I was Porer I would beat your ass for trying to start beef. No matter if your my homie or not. What a good friend you are.
  10. Yo Serum. Where was that wall pic taken from? Hopefully Tokyo. Thats the kind a spots I want to hit.
  11. Thats what I like to see. Symetrical ass pieces. Illmatic causin drastic static.
  12. Are you one of the ones who dont think so?
  13. Fuck everyone on here who thinks Japan sucks! How about America sucks. Ever thought of that? Maybe your just gay or something and you are afraid of the Japanese girls being all over you. Either that or your ugly. Japan is dope! America aint got shit! Maybe there is more graff in america but life is not about graff. While your a teen it may be but you have to grow up. Anyone who says fuck Japan can suck my left nut and let me give you a "bukkake" becouse thats probly what you want. Stay in US and love it for all I care. Have a great time doing the same thing every day for your 1 life. Peace the fuck out, Im off to Tokyo in a few. :king:
  14. 100% of all those crews and peopl are to pusy to even try to fight but they luv talkin shit. If you think any of them r hard your a gay faggot also. queer online nigga.
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