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  1. PMSDKWUFCARMY-whole-train/station extravaganza!
  2. :haha: ----------- Why shouldnt you laugh at a gyppo on a bike? Cause its your fucking bike!! -------------- How many kikes can you fit in a car? um i dunno, but theres still plenty of room in the ashtray. ---------------- What is a Jewish dilemma? A free hamsandwich. --------------- At a immigration desk somewhere in europe. - Name? - Ahmed bogdan muhammed. - Sex? - Yes. - No, I mean male or female. - Doesn't matter, sometimes even with camel. ------------------- Why do all the turkish kids want a mustasch? Cau
  3. A member? Where do i sign up? And do i get an che guevara tshirt with the membership? Cause they are sooo coool!
  4. People who hire illegal immigrants should be fucking shot. But neither they or the illegals are the cause of the problem. The problem is places like mexico and other thirld world shitholes that are run buy selfserving corrupt elite assholes who dont care for their own people and the result is extreem poverty. This makes it extremly tempting for poor people in mexico to go and canibalise poor americans wages. In stead of fixing mexico, your turning america into mexico, with extreem poverty and in the long run an selfserving corrupt elite.
  5. And the funniest thing about all this isnt that it makes white guys unemployed, no its primarly blacks and american latinos. The racism argument is the dumbest of them all..
  6. Ugh some of you are fucking idiots. There is a differance between motive and the effect.The motive; Republicans are not against illeagal immigration because it dumps the wages or makes americans unemployed. Republicans are against it becuause it will make republicans a minority. The effect thou is still the same, it dumps the wages for poorest of the poor, and it will make americans unemployed. It displaces the whole jobmarket, i mean why hire someone for minimum wage when you could get some one for half that? If you belive in minimum wage or unions or some form of limited equa
  7. Illegal immigrants dump the wages for the porest of the poor. Its basically subsidized labour for big corporations. All it does is make the rich richer and the poor homeless, and in the long run erodes the middleclass. People who support it are usually touchy feely decadent upper middle class twats.
  8. There are about say a thousend different paint brands in europe. Remember europe is not a country, its a continent with diffrent countries wich are as diffrent from each other as italy is to canada. And every country has its own brands. The best non graffiti specific paint though comes from germany(like everything else!) or more specific the peter kwasny company, wich has made some off the most exelent paint in the world like belton(and later grafitti specific molotow brand), auto-k and multona. One thing though that i think is the same all over europe, and that is the price point of the
  9. Stockcaps=caps that comes with the can? if so. I never ever heard anyone ever talk about using stockcaps in europe. Long before you could buy caps at stores and even before you could buy caps from a friends friends friend who knew someone, people didnt use stockcaps, they racked better caps from other cans. Because face it stockcaps are usually only good for one thing and that is they dont clog.
  10. Sweden U.P : underground productions http://www.underground-productions.se Kapitel12(best swedish magazine imo) http://www.hiphop.nu/kapitel12/ killroy http://www.kilroy.nu/
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