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  1. jame-o

    Wash DC

    some one post some shit...and stop the tough guy talk!
  2. jame-o

    Graff Girls

    elleg elle, i couldn't have said it better! L. Jame-KoS
  3. jame-o

    Graff Girls

    elleg elle, i couldn't have said it better! L. Jame-KoS
  4. jame-o

    the cake walk

    jor-1 hot very hot!!!!
  5. ha ha ha:lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. shutumdown i like to see that std owns all bmore spots that is about the funniest thing i have heard on this thread. as for this post whats done is done...some people need to step down from the high horse and really look at reality....graffiti has been ruined...and as for painting anywhere in bmore all spots are free...no one tells me when and where i can paint. what ever... shit is stupid. kill our savior
  7. jame-o

    Spotted 69

    scan/dyer- tanker wh??y?? e2e high ballin' by...thats all i remember and know i saw! R2 throwies jerk-not finished amer tag vandel & sier throwies that's all i saw...not a happenin' night only 2 lines crossed my path:(
  8. stae bingo apes cosoe mber .................... :D
  9. jame-o

    Spotted 68

    brake-outline jec sigh ? kzr? myke tag scan/dyer 2 eo (kos) outlines ugly/jale tease/lyes jec :D
  10. spotted 2/20/03 scar elk vandel, joce, seir-throwies met x4- tropicana soer outline- tropicana amen, krisp and igloo- tropicana..again...spotted a few weeks ago also.
  11. jame-o


    holla! that's my boyz! thanks for befriending me and lettin a chick paint with yall! life is grand!:D
  12. to shutmdown seems to me that every writer is somewhat self promotin....everyone wants to be spotted, seen, and a moment of fame...but most of all they do it for themselves. to get on someone for posting flicks and slipping in some of their own is perfectly fine. take a good look at the crew you are in if im not mistaken they have done the same. this message board is for posting flicks of graff, conversating and commenting in an adult manner, but not for fools running their mouth and trying to start shit...thats signs of insecurity and jealousy.
  13. spotted 2/11/03 rime moka-csxt krisp-throwie pu outline with dbk chip-auto racks soer-auto racks last post with the met & desa..it could be dezn but it wasnt faded nor buffed.
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