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  1. ^^^Uhhh isnt it Detr HOD. Sorry if i am mistaken
  2. http://www.reso1.de/img/productions/2000_3.jpg'> http://www.reso1.de/img/productions/2000_2.jpg'>
  3. http://www.reso1.de/img/styles/2001_2.jpg'> http://www.reso1.de/img/styles/2001_3.jpg'> http://www.reso1.de/img/styles/1997_1.jpg'>
  4. ^^Word, you cant beat the homemade stylee though!
  5. Espo always brings the freshness
  6. on beretenia and or however the fuck it is spelt.
  7. so many people seem depressed nowadays...
  8. Shoes, jeans, polo shirt and Marijuana. Need to buy me a haircut
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