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  1. that ryme was kinda funny.. but for christ's sake.. stop talking like that dude
  2. could you please go back to your other names so we can see color and not have to see you talk like a little mexican kid with downsyndrome
  3. why do you think its soo funny to talk like a immigrant teletubby? "postie" and "likey".. that shit got old along time ago.. but you do post so thats cool. and please stop putting them in black and white.. they make paint in color for a reason
  4. do you have another link for the trailer.. it wont work for me
  5. dude,then why do you post pictures of yourself in front of cleantrains dude.. it doesnt make sense.. just say "hey i dont wnt people to see it cause its embarassing"... i wouldnt want people to see it if it was me either


    that gamble looks BITERish....still good though
  7. gonna try and jump this thread up a little http://pic16.picturetrail.com/VOL670/2624513/5230210/66778598.jpg'> http://pic16.picturetrail.com/VOL670/2624513/5230210/66778596.jpg'> http://pic16.picturetrail.com/VOL670/2624513/5230210/66778592.jpg'> http://pic16.picturetrail.com/VOL670/2624513/5230210/66778609.jpg'> COME TO THE CLUB!!! http://pic16.picturetrail.com/VOL670/2624513/5230210/66778601.jpg'>
  8. cincykid please contact me.. i need to ask you some stuff.. loserfish2000@yahoo.com...thank you�
  9. this guys always coming with the illness.. did anyone catch flicks of that wall him and revok just did?:D
  10. whats up to big 21rak seen you in philly fool.. how bout them tropicana's we paint huh? niiiiice
  11. zane hopper and the MDR boys riker and roboe
  12. fuckin' ZANE.. its about time man!
  13. i been to seattle a number of times and i love it.. i think it is the most slept on city around.. the scene is hot.. but why every time i come on to the thread i see streaker tags on polls in a field somewhere.. i know KYT can do white streaker tags on polls.... im over it.. i know theres hot bombing there... show that
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