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  1. BruceVelvet


    Really ! I thought it was by Ske 3 !
  2. BruceVelvet


    yawn, heard all that bullshit before. your the king, now go read another post that you have some interest in. more pictures, less chat
  3. BruceVelvet


    well, it sounds like you need some education!
  4. what is that book? doesnt look firmiliar!
  5. yes, it is a pastiche of a classic photo from Dortmund / Ruhr area in mid 90's. that photo is Hanover 2006. I had a look for the original photo that it is from but i couldnt find. Maybe someone else will come up with it from somewhere>?
  6. Damn, its all on the fine detail with that photo! It certainly got me when I saw it in real life. Can anyone post the original photo that it is copied from?
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