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  1. yo, yo, yo...who this be blood...thanks.
  2. Bump Kev Kelly dudes you used to record songs at my house in like 2003 using my closet as a mic booth...in fact that shits in Kevin Epps' Rap Dreams...my clothes are famous. anyhow, good to still seeing him do his thing..bump dirt hustling and making shit happen
  3. ^Thats pretty fucking impressive.
  4. ^word...i was reading that the other day at work..damn shame he's wasting it with a shit band.
  5. Re: Don't Call it Frisco ahhh very funny...comedians. but if you're painting the under water spot I'm thinking of, I already called dibs. that was almost as funny.
  6. okay...granted, random as fuck..but anyone know where I can see/download/buy a copy of While You Were Sleeping: Bedtime Stories DVD/VHS...out of no where lately I've been dying to watch that dude try to jump between the 2 trees..classic. any help would be appreciated. be easy.
  7. Actually I have, at the end of last year..and I thought about it...touche. that shit is buffed...I think the only tag I saw for the first day I was there was some drunken 13 yr old's scribble on the side of the Silver Fox bar amongst all the empty store fronts..and I have to add there is some interesting people in that bar
  8. Fact. Oh and to the folks saying SF is sleeping hard...um, yeah, piss off...in all my years I've never seen a buff like this..ever, anywhere But I figure the city will go hard on the buff for a minute then fall off...its the nature of the beast...it all moves in cycles, but lately its ridiculous.
  9. fact...I remember in 94 Fat Slice was actually a fucking fat ass slice..for cheep(in Berkeley..SF one wasn't there yet as far as I can remember)...but now that shit is puny little sorry excuse ...for un-cheap...that is the bullshit that the bullshit is based on.
  10. All joking aside you eat a lot of lead paint chips as a kid?...no diss...just pondering the possibility
  11. ^yup thats the one I was speaking of...word.
  12. ^so his come back video on youtube wasn't a joke (though semi funny)...haha...good to see (I'm taking it that thats a new flick...never seen in it person)..bump the doc.
  13. haha...fair enough, fair enough
  14. ^staying true to your name..ha you all are quick...putting my pics up before I can.
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