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  1. you are right, i found this thread a week ago, ran to the post office got some stickers, went through 80 pages of sticker posts, found someone to bite, and immediately posted thinking no one would notice.
  2. yeah i dont remember them giving away free posters at the post office but thanks for playing
  3. add it to your cart, go to checkout, fill out your addy thats it
  4. sticker in elevator http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v42/vadigital@hotmail.com/modular1.jpg'> old random sticker pile, ill post some new ones that are a little better when i get a chance http://img14.photobucket.com/albums/v42/vadigital@hotmail.com/moulargroup.jpg'>
  5. i ordered a set, the back should be white, meaning you get 75 blank posters to tag up. you dont have to use a credit card to order, you just fill out your addy. peace. http://www.microsoft.com/education/?ID=SecurityPosters
  6. yo, you can get big stickers from airborne shipping company, they sent me half page blank stickers, a stack about 2 inches thick for free. also, the trick to get the postal stickers is if they have only a small stack left go ahead and pocket it, and then take one up there and say its the last one, usually they will give you another stack to put out there and you can cop most of those as well.
  7. eli b

    stencil pics

    this is my first one up... the wall sucked for a small one though, and wouldnt hold the tape so i had to hold it up, making it not as crisp. more to come though... i have a ton of stencils made, but our city has no graff, and no stencils...so you have to be super DL about it... at least i can say i had the first stencil up in town :rolleyes: http://stencilrevolution.com/photopost/data/501/330mvc-006s.jpg'> http://stencilrevolution.com/photopost/data/501/330mvc-005s.jpg'> the real stencil is really crisp.
  8. the bomb camera... too bad its like 3-5000 or something (digital) http://www.nikonusa.com/images/products/25206_360.jpg'> my other dream camera: http://www.nikonusa.com/images/products/1795NAS_360.jpg'> this is what i currently have: http://www.nikonusa.com/images/products/1713NCP_360.jpg'>
  9. eli b

    Art School

    toys there is a school of art/design in dc if you want to stay close to northern virginia...
  10. thats why you should use manual, and the light meter on your camera, etc.... also both of my cameras have a flashlight-type thing that turns on to focus in low light with the auto-focus, but that kind of sucks b/c then it makes people squint...
  11. i also own 5-6 old school cameras that are very nice pieces
  12. film??? i use t-max almost exclusively... anyone remember kodak ektar film? that used to take great photos...
  13. shot a man in reno... just to watch him die...
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