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  1. 1) put yer cans in the fridge, and they will freeze alot of the freeon in the can and the paint will last longer. 2)for extra wide mist sprays put yer cans in the microwave for 4-6 minutes.the heat will thin the paint and make a wide thin *bling bling* mist. 3)you teeth work better as a scribe, than a diamond does on glass. get to busting yer tooths :king:
  2. sum times i just cant hang with the shortlived time with my boy B. SEDs1 was runnin sum game in c town fer a minute there. rest in peace b!
  3. how do you post shit on this board? i got hot flicks of cats from paris;amsterdam; the czech rep.;an spain. dude bond from prague developes cancer right, so he goes out an paint cold burners (i saw about 100-150) till his death an im tryin to get him up on the web. seattle kings:tfs mlr nbn roar snore seds exile solar an all that other good shit
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