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  1. 10 maybe some peeps need to state more than the obvious & don't try to come at me like I was a "burb dood" and try to amaze me with their streetknowledge. and some peeps need to stop trying to roll with it like the shit was gold. this advice only works for retards coming out of a cave and you all can have it. and Luca Brasi get out of here you're just mad.. fool! I don't need to prove anything. but I will post it and prove everybody wrong. :rolleyes:
  2. Whatever. you just realize how much of a dick you sounded. and you think I would get an attitude for nothing?
  3. 1 little, 2 little, 3 little jerks on my nizzack. what advice? "no case" or quit? right... I didn't know asshole comments were advices, good one Jerk. Im not forcing no one to read anything so piss off booty. other than these noticable A-holes the other people were good if you didn't notice. peace to yall and keep rockn. we care about our shit and obviously these fools don't and it sez alot about their work!!!!! punch'em in the lip or do it right the point is take these fuckers out even if they spill a little guilt. so a big dick slap to HAL and all his other psudo-retards. and you ot
  4. grrrrrrrr! I don't practice in other peoples book. Yea "Quit". Right... Im not impressed by "chump talk". not putting you down but thats what your doing. This post is not about you. or about me personally or how I handle myself. but somehow it is getting that way. yea and just like "HAL" you answered nothing. I had something else there but this reminded me more of "HAL" not calling him a square but it works also. so this is your point of your message.. k. thanks. now go away.
  5. Wow "HAL" you sound so sophisticated I'm blinded by your intellect your graffiti must look really great. are you really "appalled" at what I have said? don't everybody start out as a piecebook writer? if you just pick up a can and start scribbling on walls your not going to get respect, cuz your not showing any skills or any positive bunnies you can come up with. but I think you already known that and not using this as an escape for cheap thrills. Your taking my words too literally when I was just trying to get to the point about jockers. I'm not sure how you got the Idea that I wasn't going
  6. Luca Brasi im making you my number 1 nut massaging bitch. Alot of Top writers are scrawny muthafuckas. and these toys ain't got nothing on me except my style. get it?
  7. Re: so what peeps are saying is I should. 1.Beat the shit out of this person. 2.Buy a gun and shoot this person. 3.Buy him a mochachino and a crumpet then punch him in the face 4.have sex with his girlfriend hmm.. Im not an agressive person. I would choose number 4 but thats unlikely. okay its my fault! I didn't know somebody was going to jock it the next day!. well anyway I got good suggestion somewhere else. it goes like this.... to claim back my shit I got to "hit harder than that fool". and I could claim the shit back naturally cuz I would stand out more and
  8. then I would look like another jocker on somebodys nuts when in fact it was the other way around..
  9. Before you actually go out bombing you practice right??? what if all you do is do graff in peeps piece books just to get your name out there. but then one of those books somebody sees it and jocks it and does it in the streets before you do. and it is the most original (influential) idea that wasn't even out there yet. and you don't get recognition for it? What would you do? Swallow your pride and let it slide? or cross out every mutha-eF'rs that jocks off the original jocker? or what?? how would you handle it? or handle jocking in general?
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