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  1. mr. googans... i neeed your help reuniting a couple of old friends. Give a call, I can't seem to find your #. thanks
  2. this is seriously the coolest shit i have ever seeen.
  3. you need to quantify your statements. what exactly is it about Vetos style that is "dope", and what exactly is it about Abels style that is "wack"? In your original post, it seems that you define "dope" with "funky and original". If this is the case, than it would only hold true that Abel, by his very nature of being funky and original is therefore also "dope". I have known both these guys personaly for over 10 years, I have no reason to ride anybodys jock... I do, however, always find pleasure in making you look like an idiot. Good day, Sir... I said GOOD DAY!
  4. and you have the nerve to bust on Abel?
  5. nah dude, that spot is taken. in fact it was taken by noon on sunday. I almost painted there, but then my boy hooked me up with some space.
  6. last nite i had a dream that this thread was closed. this really is sad.
  7. Re: Re: it just isnt what it used to be like back in the days OK.. enough of this SHIT! If anybody wanted to paint soooo bad, they could have. I wanted to paint, when I got there all the space was taken, but I hung out for a bit, and got a spot. but really, that doesn't matter. look, you go to a Jam in NY.. you bring your paint.. maybe you get a spot, maybe you dont. You go to a Jam in CT... maybe you get a spot, maybe you dont... Heres my point. its been 5 days since the Bode Jam, already a part of it has been rolled over... So, if youre really upset that you didn't get to paint a Cheech Wizard on sunday, head on down to fame, and have the Bode Jam part 2... DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY COOL PHOTOS FROM THAT DAY? Not just flix of the finished pieces?
  8. Yo MK! It was great meeting you on sunday, yall are BAD, but you come correct! your wall was tight, and your spot was clean... lookin forward to seeing you guys up here again!
  9. http://www.scribeswalk.com/images/emit_sub_gaze_2003_small.jpg'> next thing you know, POOF! it's gone!
  10. you should have stuck around. at noon, you could have painted the wall that was reserved for ewok & crew.
  11. the bus goes right by there. make sure to bring flix of your stuff (especially characters). Show them to the manager of the Burger King that is in front of the spot. He will tell you if you are good enough and assign you a spot to paint
  12. the only thing i wanna know is why this cat didnt show up at the Bode Jam when there was wall space "reserved" for him? ESPECIALLY when it was supposed to be first come, first served. because of that, other writers either had to cram together, or not paint at all. and they were there at 7 am. it's not right, is all i'm sayin.
  13. My only complaint is that I spent about 2 hours today cleaning up empty paint cans and food wrappers... so, for all you out of towners... PLEASE clean up your shit when you leave our spot. Some of us live here, and worked hard to get that spot LEGAL, not just "chill". lets try to be respectful of the people that own the property, they are, after all, respectful of our art form. there is a dumpster just in front of the entrance, so it's not that big a deal.. keep leaving trash down there, and it wont be such a nice spot to paint... just my two cents, why should anyone else care...
  14. I agree, it was very cramped, but I am glad that I got the chance to paint that day. Thanks SKET!
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