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  1. has anyone ever tried the filthy fifty workout?
  2. true - buying underage kids beers tpbm has banged out a 200+ size girl
  3. the war in the middle east in general is fucked up, we've been at war in afghanistan longer than iraq and we're just going to be going to iran next. there's a lot of fucked up shit you don't see that soldiers do over seas. and the shit that gets leaked is just the retarded soldiers that don't know how to keep videos of them and their friends pissing on dead bodies off the internet.
  4. and you would inherit beef beyond your wildest dreams. i love those crews work and dedication as well but fuck getting cut up with razorblades over 3 letters.
  5. some more shit in LA.. wordem upski. http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31536.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31535.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31534.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31533.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31532.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31531.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31538.jpg'> http://www.momentoffame.com/snapshots/MomentOfFame/l31537.jpg'> big billy style.
  6. Re: I'll go as far as saying this: agreed. solid letters win everytime. although i must say there were some talented artists there.. fuck dude, that octopus/ocean/piece coming out of the water.. pretty well done.
  7. now i never said this was quality, just some quantity. http://www.stop-web.com/nina01/Image015.jpg'> http://www.stop-web.com/nina01/Image008.jpg'> http://www.stop-web.com/nina01/Image006.jpg'> http://www.stop-web.com/nina01/Image003.jpg'> http://www.stop-web.com/nina01/Image004.jpg'>
  8. thug mansion! too cool for continuation school.. keep it up meca!
  9. billcosby

    The Nifty thread

    NIFTY NIFTY NIFTY!!!!!!! this dude is The Freshest Writer out there.. hes got it all.. bombing pieces streets tracks trains.. dope colors mixed with clean style and a dash of character.. Too Fuckin Wicked.. keep up the good work buddy boy.. KEEP IT NANG! :crazy:
  10. good point kenny. but you know.. kids will hate as it makes them look cool. and btw, this is next statement is directed to IHATEU. i really like the new a2m styles and respect them as writers, but lets not forget it wasnt too long ago it looked NOTHING like it does now. theres only a small small handfull of people who reinvented this style and brought it back. im not one of them and neither are you. get over yourself.
  11. Re: DAMN STR8 that shit is on fire!!
  12. that GUS shit is really fresh. what country are these from?
  13. will the defendant please rise.. ok. so i was made aware that there was a bit of a raw deal being made about me on this message board. yes, i am one of the kids mentioned as being a biter in this thread. i dont want to name myself outright but im sure you can figure it out as i didnt make it too dificult on purpose. anyways, i would like to first say that people like sento reas ghost diego vault grey amaze etc are definitely influences in my style and im far from ashamed to admit it. i would also like to say that while i know it is the vogue style as of late to be painting like this that i have been painting like this since mid 1999 and i do have the pics to back that up. i will admit i wasnt doing it to well at that time, but my mind was in the right place. i have been coached from time to time by one of the people you all credit for being on the forefront of the reintroduction of this style. i am proud of that influence from a first hand source. i also remember when i was starting to do this style it was the time when the whole "LA" style was the in thing to do. when i didnt jump on that bandwagon i remember getting labels like "euro trash" and being told to "keep jocking your NY heroes". i wore those 'insults' like badges of honor. anyways, im sorry if i appear to be a super jocker but i cant help painting what i feel. this style represents fun and readability which are the 2 key ingredients of graffiti TO ME. i have nothing but respect for those who have been doing this style for some time, you know who you are. to wrap it all up, i dont think i am the shit nor have i ever. those who know me know im humble and respectful. i just love to paint and have fun, simple as that. i know its kinda whack for me to go off on this essay, but i felt the need to contribute to my defense fund.
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