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  1. niggas know...niggas know
  2. oh yea and all those "big things" u be doinn in new york been getin gone over on a same night basis..you couldnt handle your rep in jvile wat makes you think ny guna let your wack attitude and styles run one minute. our set is nation wide...you wont be able to hide
  3. OKOK time to prove YOU TOTTALLY WRONG...take the time to look back through this threaqd..from page one..resk fills over SNOB and ARMS and lining KBT WH ..the retaliation words online warning you of a face bashing when caught..then all the stories about you gettin slapped up like a the toy bitch you are..then you deciding to say your "too big for all this name calling and king claiming"...you have officially be ran over by KBT..just accept it and move on
  4. How you guna try and get respect by being such a little bitch.Top 3 things that made my day in your comment. stop crying. Kings Of The dirty south. We Hate
  5. when your there hit me up right quick...i got some business to handle with your face and the asphalt.
  6. that Myth kind of reminds me or Much HM's burners...still str8 tho
  7. Tars steady rips the lines passin threw
  8. i kno im early but that erupto wyse popquiz is too gangsta
  9. Quoted post raels always commin correct with it Quoted post [/b] ..in every fuckin city that i go to in this country!..Florida Rep
  10. no your doing the forum a favor.. thankyou
  11. people hate on us yet they spend all day on the computer analyzing our crews..hahaha
  12. shhhhhh...niga actin like SouthernWarsArntTolerated.... WeHandle them toys like its a errydaythang......
  13. I.....yes....I was the one at the gville wall..asking one of yalll to state A NAME.,.....no one said nething but dae crew i asked which one wAS dae crew and wanted to settle the bullshit that had been in the way of our moving on in the game.and do not deny that when anyone of yall saw us didnot axt like you wanted anything..yes yall repped dae crrew when i asked who you were ready to back up and yall decided that shit all of a sudden turned into old skool beef ...moved on once i "yapped" like yall saiid....YALLLLLLLLLL were the ones sayin you were done with the "back then in kendall bullshit" i dont like to pull names but i know your boy typoe was there knowin i'll set it off on any single one of yall ready to rep against the side we reppin..call it out on video..post it up..kus yall kno i was the one runniin crosss the street to light one fUCK TOYS yall toys up wonce i saw it was a dae prodo...yall like to rUn ya lip like ya tough guys online....what happened when TOK JOSH mopped your dae boy on video in OUR K-TOWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN suckaaaaa.talkin like yall have somthin against us...ask onebody..anybody..their sister, cousin,,auntie and gramps...its ALL BOUT THAT TOOOOOOOOOOK OVEERRRRR KENDALLLLLLLL...STR8UP RUNIN THE GAME PUSHIN BEATIN KILLIN PAINTIN..YALL act like the game dies out when you decide the games too much for you to handle...it aint over ...fuck iif your girlies pregnant too..were gettin her too..started shit with us aint guna never die until your tombstone reps the dates your family thought you were worth remmmembering..give me the word that yall wanna start this beeef agaun,..;. i know yakll dont want it... pleeeeaase im begging yall to try n verbALLy aet it off on this comp4ter scrreeen...ylaaal kno you aint shit in kendalll or anywherer else....its over.....you ainT shit...start a street battle.. like yall said..just to warn you....I WILL BURN yall ON THE PAINT TIPP...AND I WILLL KILL YOU. THEY OUGHTA KNOW KINGS BLAST TOYS ans We never stop Hating.. the words on you...take it from where you want...decidem the wrond wqy ,,your "crew' will be erased....physically and on the few walls you have
  14. really....it'd be doing YOUR crew a favor..since right now hes killing your shit!!!!
  15. how toy must you all be..i talk shit about your handstyles so yuou delete the picture and put the same lame ass night flick of a scratchy ass fill on a tanker thats been circulated through all the toy threads..i would call you all has beens if you EVER WERRREEESSSSSSSSSSSSS
  16. wow those handstyles are SOOOOOOOOOO fresh
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