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  1. JamaciaMotel


    niggas know...niggas know
  2. JamaciaMotel


    Funk Jbue Brizo
  3. JamaciaMotel

    Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...

    oh yea and all those "big things" u be doinn in new york been getin gone over on a same night basis..you couldnt handle your rep in jvile wat makes you think ny guna let your wack attitude and styles run one minute. our set is nation wide...you wont be able to hide
  4. JamaciaMotel

    Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...

    OKOK time to prove YOU TOTTALLY WRONG...take the time to look back through this threaqd..from page one..resk fills over SNOB and ARMS and lining KBT WH ..the retaliation words online warning you of a face bashing when caught..then all the stories about you gettin slapped up like a the toy bitch you are..then you deciding to say your "too big for all this name calling and king claiming"...you have officially be ran over by KBT..just accept it and move on
  5. JamaciaMotel

    Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...

    How you guna try and get respect by being such a little bitch.Top 3 things that made my day in your comment. stop crying. Kings Of The dirty south. We Hate
  6. JamaciaMotel

    Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...

    when your there hit me up right quick...i got some business to handle with your face and the asphalt.
  7. JamaciaMotel


    that Myth kind of reminds me or Much HM's burners...still str8 tho
  8. JamaciaMotel

    More Money, More Problems....

    Tars steady rips the lines passin threw
  9. JamaciaMotel

    my first thread...

    GHOULS defintly comes correct
  10. JamaciaMotel

    .wish i had a job.

    i kno im early but that erupto wyse popquiz is too gangsta
  11. JamaciaMotel

    pokemon used to be cool....

    pokemon was about as cool as pogs
  12. JamaciaMotel


    Quoted post raels always commin correct with it Quoted post [/b] ..in every fuckin city that i go to in this country!..Florida Rep