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  1. its been awhile... DBD, hows it goin? not much change, eh?
  2. Hey, its been a while since i've been in here... Anyone wants to trade or anything let me know... (elementkid13@hotmail.com) I dont have any flicks to post but stickers arent stickin up here cause of the weather... Who does the mario characters?
  3. DBD, I'd email you, but my computer won't permit it, but do you have any more big(ger) stickers left for sale? lemme know somehow (ithinkidied@hotmail.com) Thanks
  4. these 2 are old ones from a philly trip, around the Inn at Penn (where I stayed...)... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/RES_AY/old1.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/RES_AY/old2.jpg'>
  5. my 2 minute trip to philly http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/RES_AY/perroandres.jpg'> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/RES_AY/bobandres.jpg'>
  6. i didnt think ya stole it, but i was just wondering if that was the same fountain
  7. Do i smell a Fantom/Res trade? yup... Anyone up for trades send an email: ithinkidied@hotmail.com
  8. we care... we care a lot actually, and i think i speak for everyone in saying that we'll all quit now, cause you dont find us exciting
  9. i still gotta get them developed dude... :D
  10. for the love of god, drop it everyone...
  11. if im not setting this up how you want it dbd and slow, you can handle the trade if you want. i dont want to mess it up in any way cause i dont want to mess up 20 deep for everyone... and if anyone wants to sell me some large labels? cause im running out of the ones that dbd sold me... thanks
  12. DBD just explained everything i was trying to say... Thanks man... and p.s. i have flicks saved up all the way from last year that i have to get developed so expect a big one
  13. fantom, you're in...you should know that by now and the point of this is so people dont have to bust their asses making 300 some odd stickers to send to people who either send 20 back or people who send poor work back... p.s. frost better back me up, it was his idea
  14. dude, those are the people we're trying to weed out... the ones that do this cause its the thing to do... you can tell by how the chars are drawn... and i dont want to sound like a cocky peice of shit but im a founding member, so i think i should get to judge...
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