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  1. Not really. Anywayz. Pretty good shit in here. really feelin' the bode one, the one with tasek, the sketches and the candy one.
  2. Nice colors and painting but... and letter structure? :confused: :o
  3. I will make this as short as I can since when I went to send, it messed up. First off, I would never be a groupie for a bunch of ego maniac kids who think they are the shit. Your more like shit alright. You, and all of FDC know very well about how you paint. Prove me wrong. Also, who does not know how many legals you guys have? If we dont see them, then you guys rush out and post all your little backyard "pieces" (if that is what you like to reffer to them as) to every Florida graff site. I am not trying to make you guys look bad, you do it on your own. Who gives you props?! Toys?
  4. I totally agree with you TimeHasCome. For starters, I feel the girl needs a new name change. Maybe its just me. Also, yea she's not the first to get help, butif shes going to get help all the time, then its not really her doing the graff, and theres not much a point to it. Look what happend to KEL (Ladie Kel from Miami for those who don't know). I've caught like six to eight legals by them. I'd say some conclusions I drew from seeing these legals, but I'd probably be called "stupid", "toy", and stuff like that, so i'll keep it to myself. Theres two legals on 103rd. I doubt on the same bui
  5. Shit is fucking amazing. There is really not much to say.:) Well yes there is. I was disappointed when I read "Siloette doing a Silouetta piece" and didnt see no girl doing a piece. :(
  6. Re: Ain't hating, aint faking.... I dont know the girl, but I honestly have to agree with this cat. The man is spitting the truth. The only thing is I have a tingly feeling that the only reason she is graffing is because her boyfriend does it. She does her thing though. Junq & Her do their little colorful legals all over Miami. They get props. She can honestly work on her hand and her throws before she jumps to colorful legals though. Too much too fast is too bad. Whatever tho. Paint how you feel. Do your thang! Let your nuts hang! Support those troops, and wh
  7. I've been saying this ever since the election to make Bush president was in progress. Wish they could bend the rule and let Clinton run once more. Also, I dont think you want to fuck J Burke. You'd want to stay as far from him as possible. He is a retired gay porn star that sleeps in freight yards and fondles young writers as a toll fee. :o Scary shit.
  8. Re: yao minnnnggg! TAO FENG!!!! The links take me to a buddy icon site.... :o :confused: What wall did they buff? May you post the pics? :D
  9. The flicks look nice. I also enjoy the last ones, a bit blurry to me though, but nice none the less. As for this "ghetto area" graff stuff. I say theres no such thing. I suppose half this board consideres the native american race "scary/ghetto" but they're really cool people. You tell them you'd like to take photos and they love it. I guess it was different since it was 2am though. Whatever though. I see it as I dont bother them so why should they bother me? If its such a big deal, film, gas, camera, and unlimited pancakes at IHOP on me. :crazy: :crazy: Kure just burned that whole
  10. WEEEEEEIRD..... but different.
  11. Nice production! :D Tried to help post the pics, but they dont have a . anything after them. :confused:
  12. NoOnesWelcum

    bies ynn?

    That SUMON resulted to me jacking off with vasoline mixed with antifreeze.
  13. Personally, I would have thought you were much younger. Seeing that ***** has been painting longer and looks older and it's in almost their mid 30's. I would have believed you were about 24. Fuck it, i'm wrong. I dont want to know how old you are, cause thats not a thing to discuss here. But from my impression of you being 24, when you said a decade and a half...I was like "Damn. He's been painting since he was nine?!" Whateva though. Hope to see more Space Ghost & WHSTV collaborations again!:D
  14. I was feeling the interview. The interview just cant flow without the music. Pure dope!!! Only thing that loses me is "15 years" :o :confused:. I have nothing against you Bash, take it how you please, but I thought you've been writing for like 6 or 7 years. Please, I beg though, theres already two or three threads with the Jive-vs-Bash battle. Hasn't this been settled yet? I'll be kind enough to fly whoever wherever just to end the damn thing!
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