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  1. :lol: :lol: Exactly! That and this wall was only posted in like 3 other threads. Is it possible to ride your own dick?
  2. O.k., o.k., I recognize that everyone has their own view of what beauty is but what the fuck is going on with some of these bitches? I'll make 3 observations: 1. There's a difference between a nice, well rounded ass and a just plain fat ass. 2. What's with all the stretch marks on some of these bitches? Did their flesh gravitate from their thighs and hips to their ass leaving a trail behind like a glacier? 3. What's with some of these asses period? Some of those damn things look like they've been molded out of cottage cheese :yuck:
  3. Now there's a chicken I'd fuck! Mad old school props go to Uncle for the Hacksaw (where's the Iron Sheik when you need him?) and to Europe for the NWA quote- I wasn't passing up the chance of my dick getting baptized...
  4. Ooh, ooh! Firsts! Whatever, there's already a post for this crap kid.
  5. Twice looking nice, but Slice=yawn. Nice to see some CT heads up in there though.
  6. How can you hate on Sigh, he consistently puts out colorful trains, always a pleasure to see.
  7. That SP is hot, and quite old now as well. Anyone know if it's still there...?
  8. Very nice, I remember a lot of that old shit.
  9. The tiles are different and cool, otherwise I agree, the rest is garbage.
  10. My girl got hit on at a bar by a decrepit old man wearing cowboy boots and a flashing light up cowboy hat! Holmes had 2 bitches on his arm dancing with him too!
  11. Never seen NC graf before, good looking...
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