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Gangsta Lean

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  1. Gangsta Lean

    The Green Monster

    :lol: :lol: Exactly! That and this wall was only posted in like 3 other threads. Is it possible to ride your own dick?
  2. Gangsta Lean


    O.k., o.k., I recognize that everyone has their own view of what beauty is but what the fuck is going on with some of these bitches? I'll make 3 observations: 1. There's a difference between a nice, well rounded ass and a just plain fat ass. 2. What's with all the stretch marks on some of these bitches? Did their flesh gravitate from their thighs and hips to their ass leaving a trail behind like a glacier? 3. What's with some of these asses period? Some of those damn things look like they've been molded out of cottage cheese :yuck:
  3. Gangsta Lean

    military wives are whores!!

    Now there's a chicken I'd fuck! Mad old school props go to Uncle for the Hacksaw (where's the Iron Sheik when you need him?) and to Europe for the NWA quote- I wasn't passing up the chance of my dick getting baptized...
  4. Gangsta Lean

    paint me

    Ooh, ooh! Firsts! Whatever, there's already a post for this crap kid.
  5. Gangsta Lean

    Style Summit Binghampton New York

    Twice looking nice, but Slice=yawn. Nice to see some CT heads up in there though.
  6. Gangsta Lean

    This Is For All The Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can you hate on Sigh, he consistently puts out colorful trains, always a pleasure to see.
  7. Gangsta Lean

    Jagged/Straight Wildstyles...

    That SP is hot, and quite old now as well. Anyone know if it's still there...?
  8. Gangsta Lean

    JIVE - CT

    Very nice, I remember a lot of that old shit.
  9. The tiles are different and cool, otherwise I agree, the rest is garbage.
  10. Gangsta Lean


    Creds is everywhere....
  11. Gangsta Lean

    Old guys at bars

    My girl got hit on at a bar by a decrepit old man wearing cowboy boots and a flashing light up cowboy hat! Holmes had 2 bitches on his arm dancing with him too!
  12. Gangsta Lean

    NC graf.

    Never seen NC graf before, good looking...