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  1. hey, your lucky people havent dissed this shit out of you. all ive learned from putting my toy shit up is that 12oz is not the place to learn things unless you have some inside buddy or something. im glad you had the courage to post and ask about it so my advice is to work on the hand for now and keep re-writing the same things over and over-- let it flow untill you see how you want to change it and find something you like. piece
  2. haha, sorry-- looked like you were dissin him. do you have any new shit virus? like sketches or whatnot--? piece
  3. use your space a little better. you got alotta white showin. dont let virus get you down, keep practicing piece
  4. menace- your right i didnt think about my name much. actually i didnt think about it at all. i was with a couple friends watching "style wars" and they mentioned fellow writers givin eachother names. back then the names were usually challenging but since im no good my friends thought of easy letters that could be experimented with and came up with state. anyway im not planning on putting it up or anything. if you have any ideas for words or letters that i should practice id be pleased to hear em. about that sketch of mine-- im a big fan of seen (who isnt), and ive been looking at his stuff all over the place. his site- other sites- and books i got from the art gallery. i can assure you i didnt just copy that shit out of a book like you think, but ive been strongly affected by his work. same with stak and t kid 170. anyway, ill take the sketch down if you feel its too close. "I mean you can be walking down the street and notice something and not realize that you're noticing something and three weeks later an idea comes into your head and you put your thoughts in with it, but you didn't even realize you noticed it"- SEEN
  5. ill keep postin-- advice? tips?:dazed:
  6. more more, i havent seen many one liners but i love em. my friend is all into that. ill post some of his, with his permission of course. piece
  7. didnt mean to expose anything, my apologies. (new at this)
  8. state


    lovely, i just wish the pictures were a little clearer:dazed:
  9. state

    new sketch

    great... only thing i have to say is watch the L, i could mistake it for a w but its good.:rolleyes:
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