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  1. it's the most idiot thing i have ever heard about...
  2. http://www.zerocinquenove.it/img/GassFreight.jpg'> an italian guy on a canadian freight http://www.zerocinquenove.it/img/Jorone in sanfrancisco.jpg'> Jorone
  3. http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00431.jpg'> Secse, ONE Crew on FNM Line TAF Train http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00449.jpg'> DIAS Crew http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00480.jpg'> Foien TP - FUXIA Crew http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00481.jpg'> Foien TP - FUXIA Crew
  4. http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z917.jpg'> siko+ikea, VB Crew from Milan http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w488.jpg'> Xera, VB Crew from milan
  5. stradanove is a dope site!! :lol: send me pics guys!
  6. some from my site: http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w281.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00571.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00591.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z00766.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z534.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w1081.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w1083.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w372.jpg'>
  7. css_lover


    has cope ever been arrested for painting since he never masked himself and always showed loads of pics? :confused:
  8. a funny backjump video for guys who have a fast connection. THE - ARF crews hitting an high speed train in italy. download!
  9. css_lover


    seen in italy last summer. http://www.zerocinquenove.it/images/chintz.jpg'>
  10. ..is it possible to have some more infos about the beautiful yellow (prototype?) train? tnx
  11. ..the silver panel on the orange train is Rome Subway A line, not Milan. yo
  12. http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w71.jpg'> in traffic http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w70.jpg'> http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/w/w52.jpg'> PIARS crew, italy, all from my site.
  13. css_lover


    one more from italy http://www.stradanove.it/news/images/graffiti/z/z321.jpg'>
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