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  1. read more books! a disturbed flock of buzzards indeed
  2. my boy Mr. Books with the flying skull
  3. your shit was terrible, you should be embarassed and out practicing not on the computer yelling about how you lost a tiny shitty ass holllow without any dimensions. whether he meant to do it or not Snore did no wrong with that shit.
  4. man, those are some awesome pictures!
  5. there is nothing worse than being fucked with by security/cop dogs, jesus those things are fucking scary!
  6. that reup is............bright
  7. hamhoarder, if i catch you in the south end its all over for you.......you dont know
  8. those are some quality freights... I have to ask, whats up with all those naked dudes with masks?
  9. refurel! hah, that guys such a weener!
  10. boss, call me if u want to get down....C whats up
  11. depends on which company u stand around for....I think bn is up to $13.57 per hour.....
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