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  1. considering im on a router based in a city outside my own (the ip u get isnt actually mine)......also considering that there are many yards that look just like that one all around here..........dont think i made it easier on anyone. now for what u said at the end of your sentence "dumbass!" your showing your real level of intelligence....think about it for a second, was that even necessary? no probably not but then again 3/4 peopl on this board believe that the number of posts u have on this board shows that u hav the right to post whatever u want and get respect for it and also believe that just because some1 starts a post that statses its their first piece that u automatically have to go in there and hate. but who am i to say anything :rolleyes:
  2. why is that? did i say what city i/it is in? did i say i actually go there and paint? if a cop actually recognized that place don't u think he wouldve alrdy noticed a big industrial train yard around the area he works already? oh and yes you can get them online.
  3. look at this, its a satellite photo of the yard (its a small yard) closest to me, i thought it was worth a look. http://bloodshot22.netfirms.com/yard.jpg'>
  4. ^^^ future cancer recipient :lol:
  5. Re: Dope Flicks ! ^^ cop u should go back to school and re-learn your "urban speech" skills lol
  6. ^^^^ :lol: this is a graff forum, not a get as many posts as u can forum.
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