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  1. Her yall go fuckers. Stricktly for tha ballas. DKOPS RH http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.vandalizmode.com/dcops.jpg'> Hmm who these guys????? http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.vandalizmode.com/verbmeatblue.jpg'> Grade a MEAT http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.vandalizmode.com/pinkstreak.jpg'> Meat KIllz http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.vandalizmode.com/meatredpink.jpg'>
  2. You Mean Meat. And if you are tryin to be sarcastic. i doubt Meat has ever even heard of phobia nR. a) because I aint ever heard of him B) He doesn't jock fools. He aint an internet/magazine nerd tryin' to pick up styles...He already gots it.
  3. Wow. That production took me a second to see it wasn;t a feight. dope idea
  4. Jew Could burn mosek anyday. That american flag shit what was that????
  5. BuMP for my nigga JEWish. He kills shit. Props to qUAs. Reekin' Havok.
  6. Bump for Verb, Meat, JeW, Magots, Yano, Hew, Color,. Nice Shit. Especially the meat. Hes got the baller style.
  7. They already went back over that.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA. Good Ol' Skrewston, TX. Post more desk disses. This shits funny.
  9. Naw fool you know i'm just joking with you. we know you would never do a thing like that.
  10. Fuck a Battle. Hey color you should just shoot that fool in Tha eye and get it over with. Straight gansta style. Ha ha ha ha.
  11. Yo what up This is DKoPS. ANd ya fools know I'm tight with members of KWS. Color sode, brok act.They got some mad skill . But come on sode. You know thats fool aint got the skills as you got. You should battle this guy and let him be on his way knowing he got tookin' out. But on the reala he stepped up to you knowing about your crew and called you out. So to me beating his ass seems more of like you aint stepping up for yourself graffiti wise. Any body can whoop a fools ass but can you let him call you out on your skills. You need to burn this guy straight up. Props to KWS.
  12. At least I'm puttin' in work. What are doing. Sitin' in La porte talking on the computer. Exactly.
  13. Yo TENSHN. Stay up kid. I know your gonna crush. ......Holla at a nigga. Peace
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