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  1. :::still doin our thang since day 1!
  2. bump the classics ....ill
  3. Graduates of the Handsonium Institute "Being Handsome means never having to say you're sorry"
  4. and its like that.....ya know? this is all original. and thats how it goes
  5. year later, still dont feel right. your boys dont forget... bane
  6. ! hey inphony, return your cans and tell the clerk you think theyre defective. then when your done with that go directly home and never admit to anyone what you have done :P
  7. just cause dan witz doesnt have a tag or use spray paint, that means he's not a writer? that's pretty sad if all u need to be a writer nowadays is a cool name and an arsenal of paint.
  8. ...oh G-EAH ....whoops wrong one
  9. ....loved the sweaters. the nigga had mad steez
  10. we've been HAD!!!! if anyones interested in checkin out more of my shit, i got a new page on this month's art crimes.... http://www.graffiti.org/bane/index.html Citizen Bane Radioactive Man
  11. sighting! http://members.lycos.co.uk/billymahoney/homer.jpg'> this is me on a typical friday night......
  12. Re: damn this brings back memories ....appreciate the effort, but thats sefer god of dark water Citizen Bane
  13. Re: ...shit ....that outta do it. thanks keams.
  14. ...shit im new at this image hosting shit and i used a doody service, im workin on it right now and will let u know when shits straight Citizen Bane
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