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  1. wow...champ is one of the cats that schooled me, along with like a bunch of my other little homies back in the day. he was dating this girls older sister we used to hangout with, so we ended up hooking up that way. he used to take us downtown and show us all the old spots, put us on to ultra wides (which were the shit back then), softballs, one flow tags, and all that good early 90's shit. he was fuckin o.g. to us back then. he also wrote basor after champion for a minute. last i heard he was living in jersey, or some place out east. i wish i had flicks...but i still know were there's one flows running, and scribes from like 94 to this day!
  2. broadway high represent, represent! ...god i used to hate those green city trains...so unsatifying...they always let me down...on a side note...i forgot just how much seattle is just plain sleepin'...looks the same from last time i was around th way... p-fuckin-thet-ic....
  3. why don't you niggaz eva post up any new flicks...what's really goin' on in the kool 206, fa' real tho' !? wut up my little niggie, dkizzle, wut tha fuck a playa like you doing up on this piece...yo i'll be back up in the hood in like 2 to 3 and shit, hoola at a nigga, ya heard, fa real though....i'ma get yo souf end ass out the house again...ba le dat nigga! word!
  4. bombing is everything.... if you can't bomb and just try and do burners your'e missing the whole entire point..
  5. i wouldn't go as far as catagorizing the kids style as"cali style." california is big and has a lot of different shit going on as far as styles are concerned......kids from seattle think everybody in nor cal paints the same "fun funny style" type of shit ,but there really isn't much of that shit going on anymore, atleast from what i see.
  6. i still think the kids shit looks random, yeah it looks good, but it looks like anyone could of painted it. if thats how he wants to push his shit than so be it. i think it just shows no soul and originality. he just wants to be painting the "hot shit," and it shines through in his work. maybe if you guys opened your eyes beyond your little internet cliques, and stopped posting eachothers shitty flicks you might learn something. and as far as this guy being from northern cali, i've never seen his shit up once and i've been staying in sf for the past year now, so...... you guys are so hard trying to cyber diss me, all trying to call me out and shit, fuckin white kids always trying to be so hard, fuck you! you want to know who the fuck i am....shit your so stupid your trying to diss the same person your posting old ass flicks of. so who's really jocking who here. better recognize! i have'nt lived in seattle for a long as time and i still have more shit running than all of you guys combined propbably ever will.....
  7. nigga please...you should be riding the nutsack of the kids he straight bit his whole entire steez from. mixalot just calls em' like he see's it.
  8. sean's seen his better days, but what about oliver? he ripped those stupid niggaz a new one at the blaze battle, that shit was funny, he made kids look really silly. no..... but really i can feel points on both sides of the argument here about slug. but i never got into anticon at all, i think that shit was made by white kids who don't really "fit in" for white kids who don't really "fit in." fuck it,call me ignorant, but it's what i think.
  9. looks like you started off proper, but good luck keeping up with descent updates, because everyone knows seattle sleeps. but anyone willing enough to give some of my shit shine time gets nothing but love from this seattle player. homesick in the big san franpsycho. :(
  10. hey, missinterpreted. just curious, do you get up a lot in the mission, mainly on a lot of doorways, with a food theme to your name? if not whatever, but if so thats cool too, for some reason i've grown to like it. i don't know i rest in the mission too and i was just wondering. if i'm completely out of line with this assumption, well too bad.......
  11. yo dumptruck, do you have flicks of the shit around the corner from this shit? if you do, can you post it. that would be cool.
  12. why would that guy go over that spot/debt spot so nasty like? i could understand if there was beef, but if not that snore kid is just playing himself trying to go over that nice ass spot thats been running for a minute, with his half ass bitten tired ass styles. but i ain't one to talk, so you ain't heard shit from me.
  13. BENET is fresh, i wish he was still cetching reck in sf, or maybe he is and i'm just confused and stupid? but regaurdless, simply classic material.
  14. #1 VAGABOND

    SACE kcw

    does anyone remember sace's cameo in graffiti tv way back? he looked like this 13 year old kid running around manhattan killing shit with his little crew. it was before he "blew up." last summer in the mission i was walking home at like 3 or 4 in the morning and this kid rides by me, in the middle of the street and shit, on some little ass old school bmx bike. so i'm like ok.... then like half a block in front of me he stops and does a few riot gates and hops back on his little bike and rides off down the middle of the street again. so anyways, it was sace, that crazy ass fucker!
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