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  1. papa 2004 pud/seven deadly pins http://www.papa.org/
  2. speaking of raels and lions.. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b4d826b3127ccebf80befe27460000001610'> http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b4d826b3127ccebf80be01a6890000001610'> http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b4d826b3127ccebf80d0f8a6470000001610'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/17thflooraesia.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/1m8o.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/1vomitlockers.JPG'>
  3. http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/sergstairwell.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/havokuphi.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/justdoor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/havoklight.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/evictvertical.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/surgsdking.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/sevrok.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/prismbluefill.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/theesoviet.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/sesketaglow.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/prissilverware.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/26doors.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/vomitloves40s.JPG'>
  4. ive been slacking... so heres some flicks http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/26fillroof.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/P1010823.jpg'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/remix7thfloor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/niser7thfloor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/dever7thfloor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/zask7thfloor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/vomiter7thfloor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/evictwarehouse.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/seakscriptstraighton.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/P1010828.jpg'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/New%20rock/hidestairwayright.JPG'>
  5. http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/proguns.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/devercenter.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/evictarmsfla.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/soviecsnnsf.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/mfsilkys.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/New%20rock/soviegreybelly.JPG'>
  6. we were at a party once and this guy had a little weight bench set up or whatever.... i watched atak nsf put every weight the guy had laying around on the bar at once, i think it was 410 pounds or something... when he was lifting it the weight was so much that the bar totally bent in the middle... he got it up and took every mother fucker in the room to get it back up on the rack he completely destroyed the bar, atak is a beast
  7. Re: t dot. thats hot... and atak is proof that big things come in small packages
  8. this isnt exactly graff... but it is on the street and there are def some graff heads in the mix... so whatever http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/streetchangesforever/murphys/wholeshot.JPG'> plus i just like the pic this is graff though http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/3eruptoboxes.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/raelsgatehairplace.JPG'>
  9. http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/ray_BK_04.jpg'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/astraels.jpg'>
  10. http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/eruptoairconditioner.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/evictwhtgreydoor.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/onostriptruck.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/remixcnteal.JPG'> http://www.steadynoise.com/seak/freightsfeb/yikes.JPG'>
  11. those fades and the highlights make that jesse a burner i think fuck fred, he has no credibility here or anywhere else.... if anyone posts any of riot's shit on here i will personally stab them. rize, i take 80% of you flicks as a personal insult you kids will all disappear and die, go find a different hobby
  12. rollin thru metal heads http://www.fototime.com/86636EA5A78496C/orig.jpg'> http://www.fototime.com/BB7EC63C4723418/orig.jpg'> http://www.fototime.com/ABF56E57A3A7D46/orig.jpg'> http://www.fototime.com/84C0F09794F625C/orig.jpg'> http://www.fototime.com/5B6B969A0E3A202/orig.jpg'> http://www.fototime.com/07F6618E609A241/orig.jpg'> http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v20/paraes/new%20fr8s/prism_001.jpg'> http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v20/paraes/new%20fr8s/raels_001.jpg'>
  13. damn, i cant believe zask made the cut and my panel got edited out.... thats a bitter pill. that vizie is hot though
  14. i could give a fuck what you say and really dont pay much attention because internet toys are just about as common as anything else these days. however, this is called the city slicker thread because of a magazine that came out in 1991 which is when i really started taking and trading pictures of graff. this was not supposed to be a csn thread or a pittsburgh thread, just a place for me to post a bunch of pictures i already had hosted. if you go back to the beginning of the thread everything i ever felt the need to say about it is on the first couple of pages. anything that has been said on here about what this thread is by anyone but me is their opinion. i'm not interested in promoting anyone... and i am definitely not interested in getting into conversations with imaginary graffiti writers on the internet. i take pictures of shit i like and if i host them i post them on here. for me, and thats it. sometimes for the graff, sometimes for the spot, sometimes for the flick... your comments are amusing and i have laughed at seeing people getting all heated about them but it is still just the internet and i know for a fact that no one in this city is holding shit down on the streets, on freights or even under bridges for that matter... than most of the people you are trying to tear apart on here. enjoy your little fame game but don't try and tell me why i do what i do.
  15. all this time i have been calling hoppers grainers and grainers hoppers.... i feel like such a dick. thank god for the internet, otherwise i would be completely uniformed
  16. this is my favorite jesse... exploring the avant garde i love the shaky outline and the half filled s... taking it to the next level without a doubt
  17. http://www.seakmac.com/files/115_1522_IMGweb.JPG'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/115_1547_IMGweb.JPG'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/bdayaesia.JPG'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/bdaysoviet.JPG'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/shemkerowfe.JPG'> http://www.seakmac.com/files/greyrey2.jpg'>
  18. metal heads http://www.baltimore-archive.com/krisp/kids-jesse.jpg'>
  19. i prefer natural breasts but i've never been one to kick a girl out of bed for eating crackers
  20. those pounder cans of rusto still holding up after 14 years.... nice havok, buster, force, esp, serg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice post nice ghetto shit too, big sesk
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